The confidant of the White House has just left, and his wife has to divorce Trump? Are you determined this time?

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The leaks in the house happen to be rainy night! Trump’s current situation is best described as”lonely and alone”.

Recently, Democratic Party leader Pelosi can’t wait for Pence He agreed to remove Trump from the presidency and directly drafted an impeachment bill. It is expected that action will be taken against the president’s impeachment plan as soon as next week.

The actions of the Democrats are not surprising, but the Republicans have also begun to alienate the old ones. On January 9, Republican Senator Toumi stated in an interview that Trump’s crimes were enough to disqualify him as president.

In addition, according to two sources in the White House, the United States Hicks, the White House’s advisor to the White House, is about to resign and leave the White House. It is reported that Hicks has always been referred to as Trump’s”confidante”, and was dragged to Congress in 2019 to testify for Trump’s involvement in the”Russian Gate”.

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So far, Trump’s&34; People&34; have left one by one.

This is not the saddest one. What’s even worse is that Trump will be abandoned by the &34;pillow man&34;!

Since the riots in the Capitol, Trump’s eldest son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka was speaking and speaking for her father, but only the first lady Melania remained silent, neither speaking nor appearing in public.

This is not the first time that Melania wants to divorce Trump, and it is not groundless. Judging from the current situation , Is Trump really caught in the predicament of”the wall is down and everyone is pushing”?


Earlier, Mei Rania started to disappear after tweeting to celebrate the New Year. Some media speculated that she went to the Sea Lake Manor in Florida, and some speculated that she was planning a divorce.

Faced with Trump’s crazy behavior on January 6, it is estimated that Melania would not want to get mixed up. After all, the Trumps’ marriage Already”live in name”.

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According to Trump’s former assistant Newman, Mela Niya had long thought of divorce, but it was only due to her husband’s presidential status, and she was worried about retaliation for divorce while in office, so she shelved the matter forever. However, now the old special is cold and there is no scrupulous Mela. Niya, it’s time to put the divorce on the agenda.

Although the first lady’s mentality is very likely to be &34;the disaster is coming, fly separately&34;, Trump really You should consider your own and your family’s retreat, Don’t go to the end&34;lost your wife and break the soldiers&34;!


Although Melanie At this time, Ya looks like an unsentimental wife of the President, but looking at Trump’s love history, it seems that you can understand Melania’s attitude. Lao Te is really a&34; A&34; man.

This &34;singularity&34; refers to, at different time periods, exclusively liking the woman who was with her at the time.

&34;I am not afraid of Melania being jealous, I am the real first lady. &34;

This sentence comes from Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, and it is also one of the most important women in Trump’s life. One. It can be said that Trump can reach today’s height, and Ivana is indispensable in the Medal of Honor.

In 2017, Ivana also bravely said in an interview with the Broadcasting Corporation, &34; Without me, there would be no Trump today.”Indeed, Trump can become the wealthiest real estate developer in Manhattan without the help of this powerful woman.

But I don’t know if she sees Trump’s current situation, whether she regrets saying this.

Trump’s second lady, also existed before Melania, is a&34; Hawaii Miss&34;——Mara.

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The two have developed from a lover relationship to The wedding is held, but even if Miss Hawaii is beautiful, she can’t hold Old Special’s heart. After a few years of sweet time, the two finally parted ways.

After Mara, it is finally the turn of today’s first lady Melania.

As in the previous situation, Trump is love at first sight again this time. In order to pursue Melania, he rented the island and hid the diamond necklace at the bottom of the pool. A series of operations moved Melania very much. In the end, she became Mrs. Trump in a wedding dress adorned with 1,500 crystals and pearls and valued at $200,000.

At the time, Melania certainly did not expect that she would become the first lady. However, during the four years of Trump’s tenure, the first lady has also set a number of”history”. She smirked, blacked and rejected Trump’s hand in public many times.

This may be the little wife around the &34;handling president&34;.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the title of First Lady, Melania herself is also very capable. She owns her own jewelry brand and caviar essence skin care brand. In her spare time, she also devotes herself to the charity circle as a variety of goodwill ambassadors. It cannot be ruled out that her behavior of not giving Trump face in front of the media is the old special”love” It hurts.


For Melanie Ya’s retreat behavior, made two main points.

First, if the two people have been married, then the divorce will only benefit Melania without harm. Although this behavior is a bit selfish for her husband, Trump is likely to be after the fall and face investigation. . Even the White House officials rushed to draw a line with them, and divorce is not surprising at this time.

Second, Trump’s journey of &34;loneliness&34; has just begun. He now needs to consider more than just these two points. You have to consider whether you will be impeached during the remaining term of office, or be politically liquidated after stepping down. What is happening in the United States now is a historical event, and Trump will eventually be remembered by history, but it is very likely that it is”notorious”.