The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, January 31st (Reporter Ren Siyu) “I’m very curious about the scoring standards for Douban, and what are the negative evaluation standards for zero points and one point…” Recently, by Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing Douban scored 5.3 points for the starring TV series “Cracking Orange in Huainan”. The director issued an article questioning Douban’s scoring standards. Although Weibo was deleted, related topics still appeared on Weibo hot searches.

Nowadays, disputes about the ratings of film and television dramas often appear. Is Douban’s scoring mechanism still credible?

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?

Why is this youth drama Get a low score?

“Secret Love: Oranges in Huainan” is adapted from the August Chang’an novel of the same name. It mainly tells the story of Sheng Huainan (played by Hu Yitian) and Luo Zhi (played by Hu Bingqing) for fifteen years from secret love to love Story of youth growth.

This work is also one of the “Zhenhua Trilogy” of Chang’an in August. Among them, the film and television adaptations of the first two novels have achieved good results. “The Best of Us” Douban With a score of 8.9 and “Hello, Old Time” with a score of 8.7, they have become an excellent representative of domestic youth dramas, and have also increased the popularity of starring Liu Haoran, Tan Songyun, Zhang Xincheng, and Li Landi.

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(1)

In popular original and previous works Thanks to the blessing of the movie, the film and television drama version of “Secret Love Tangerine in Huainan” has been expected by many audiences. It has been popular on social networks many times since it was broadcast. However, the word-of-mouth score of this drama has not been able to catch up, currently only 5.3 points. .

Different from the previous two works, the original “Secret Love: Oranges in Huainan” is more of a secret love from the perspective of girls. The heroine Luo Zhi has a complicated mood with Sheng Huainan due to family reasons. The excellent attraction of Huainan, how to make a large number of inner monologues of secret love appear, and to make the delicate young girl’s mind empathize with the audience is one of the difficulties of its film and television.

However, not long after the show’s airing, the characterization of the heroine in the show was not recognized by all audiences. Some audiences commented that Luo Zhi, a liberal arts leader, was smart, self-esteem, and sensitive. , But only kept the cowardly and cowardly side in the play.

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(2)

Same as many famous novels Like the adaptation, some plot changes have also caused dissatisfaction among some book fans. When there are slightly suspended scenery and lines, the barrage will drift past the “turning and blunt” evaluation.

In addition, there are three video adaptations of “Secret Love · Orange Life in Huainan”, and the casting is also different. In addition to Hu Bingqing and Hu Yitian in this drama, there are also Zhu Yan Manzi and Zhao Shunran in the online drama version, and Zhang Xueying and Xin Yunlai in the movie version. Whose performance is closer to imagination has become the reason for some audiences in the short comment area.

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(3)

《Secret Love·Tangerine Life “Huainan” director Li Muge wrote on Weibo: “What are the criteria for judging those negative reviews? Turnips and vegetables have their own loves. You can choose the first and last editions. You don’t need to criticize them one by one. Let go of “Secret Love: Oranges in Huainan”, and save you trouble.”

Why do you always score on Douban?

This is not the first time that the creator of a film and television series has questioned Douban’s score.

Last month, “Lin Gengxin’s angry one-star netizen” appeared on the hot search. The TV series “The First Encounter, The Last Parting” starring in Douban scored 6.8 points after it went live. He tweeted Bo questioned: “My one-star friend, have you really watched the show? Or Pleasant watch too much.”

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(4)

At a time when the word-of-mouth effect is becoming more and more prominent, the Douban score of a drama or a movie has become the standard for the audience to watch it. Relying on the accumulation of users over the years, Douban has become a scoring platform that both filmmakers and audiences pay attention to.

“The theme and principle of Douban movie ratings is to’try to restore the average view of the average audience of a movie’. This theme has not changed in the past ten years, and will not change in the future.” Douban founding Ren Abei once wrote.

But because it has received more and more attention, in recent years, disputes and lawsuits about the ratings of Douban have often appeared. Every once in a while, people will question whether Douban is really fair?

In 2015, Abei introduced the scoring mechanism of Douban in “Eight Questions about Douban Movie Ratings”: “For example, a movie has 420,000 users rating, and our program ranks these 420,000 The five stars are converted into zero to ten, and the total is divided by 420,000 to get the Douban score. Every few minutes, the program will automatically rerun to include the opinions of the latest scorer.”


p >The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(5)

Abei said that there are naval forces, but Douban scores are hard to move. “Douban’s principle in the past two years is’all that can be judged as abnormal scores are not counted.'” “Because there are too many people who score normally, and because anti-scoring is already part of the daily work of Douban Movies, no Fewer colleagues have been doing it silently with the help of more programs.”

In 2017, the short comment area of ​​Douban Movies changed the short comment display mechanism, and no longer displays all short comments. The reason is that “without affecting users’ use, excessive data display is not provided, which is anti-climbing The common practice of “Hidden short comments irrelevant to the entry is to maintain the normal scope of discussion.”

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(6)

Although Douban has water back However, with the continuous influx of users, there have been some changes in the ratings of TV series. According to platform statistics, from 2018 to 2020, the average score of TOP10 domestic dramas has increased from 8 to 8.8.

At the same time, people who expect to use the Douban account to control reviews can always think of ways to exploit loopholes. Last year, a book editor issued a complaint that they just launched a niche book within a few days. There were hundreds of comments from fans of a certain celebrity, and almost all of them were copying and pasting short comments.

Nowadays, whether it is in the promotion and marketing of the film, or in the fan-black battle of netizens, Douban ratings seem to have become a battleground.

The director of “Secret Love: Oranges in Huainan” later deleted the questioning Weibo, saying that “Lying down and ridiculing”, and in the Douban TV series discussion area, there are also many audiences who are gradually “really smelling” Evaluation.

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(7)

There are many standards, but the phenomenon worthy of attention is that, in addition to fan rankings and naval business, some emotional or malicious scoring has also become a common phenomenon in Douban film reviews.

For example, after Lin Gengxin was angry with netizens, many netizens complained about it. Just two hours later, the Douban score of “The First Encounter, The Last Parting” dropped from 6.8 to 4.8. Some netizens commented directly, if they haven’t read it, they will give it one star.

The director also questioned the one-star bad reviews. Why do Douban ratings always cause controversy?(8)

Another example, the TV series ” Before the scores of “Mountain and Sea”, a one-star commentary received hundreds of praises: “Why does Ni Ni use dubbing? What does the director think”, but in fact, Ni Ni was not included in this drama Starred.

Sometimes even the Douban score of a drama has little to do with its content and quality. Don’t be optimistic about the adaptation, give it a star; usually hate the actor, give it a star; some out-of-circle video clips or social topics will also directly affect the scoring trend of film and television dramas.

“I really don’t know what I can do except make a good movie.” As Abe said, film and television creators should not give pointers and influence the audience’s thoughts and evaluations. Good dramas will not be overwhelmed. To stop bad reviews, what can be done is to continuously produce solid works.

But on the other hand, whether the audience can also think appropriately, film and television dramas can be evaluated, but do not let Douban scores become an outlet for emotional expression, try to keep an objective and rational evaluation of the dramas, both can be Calm, the scoring platform can have a more positive impact on the film and television industry. (End)