The last text messages of the deceased

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Daughter:“I wish I could watch you by your side.”

Mother:“This is what I want most now.”

In the past year, more than 375,000 American families have experienced the grief of losing their loved ones due to the raging new crown. Many people can’t even go in front of their loved ones to say goodbye. .

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Sisters Dana Cobbs (left) and Darcey Cobbs-Lomax are saddened by the loss of their two relatives:In just one week, their 73-year-old father and 95-year-old grandmother both passed away.


Say goodbye in the distance,

What does it mean?

Five families shared with”National Geographic” their stories about the loss of their loved ones due to the new crown, and the last few days of their loved ones’ lives-the last text messages.

Shared by:Marco Reyes

Marco told us:”He (father José) keeps saying that he is okay, but this is not the case.”

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Marco Reyes holds a picture of his father José Reyes and his childhood self. On September 4, 2020, Marco’s father died of new coronary pneumonia at the age of 84.


The last time Marco visited José was Father’s Day. They were wearing masks at the time and they talked about politics with him in the apartment. After another few days, José began to feel sick.

José was admitted to the hospital and fought the illness for two weeks. On August 15th, Marco and his father had a video chat. José said that he was resting and he felt better after taking oxygen. After hanging up the phone, Marco texted in Spanish:“Dad, I love you very much. I want to go for a walk with you and have a cup of coffee.” Father replied:

“I love you too, of course, yes.

Take care. Kiss you.”

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A few days later,

Father José wears On the ventilator,

Departed on September 4th.

Shared by:Christiana Neazer

The couple Christiana and Michael Neazer have always wanted a baby.

However, her husband Michael was infected with the new coronavirus and was sent to the intensive care unit. Although Michael is strong and strong, with a height of 1.85 meters, the doctor brings very bad news. At the same time, Christiana discovered that she was pregnant, and she tested positive for six times.

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She also sent Michael a”selfie” of herself and her baby, and wrote:

“Dad is the best!

< p>The baby will be born in February and March,

Go on, Dad,

Go on!”

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She also said:

“You must come on!

I can’t raise my children by myself.

I need you.”

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On July 15, my husband Michael passed away.

Christiana’s belly,

Their child is about to be born.

Shared by:Fiana Garza Tulip

In March, 64-year-old respiratory therapist Isabelle Odette Papadimitriou booked a flight to Brooklyn , Planning to visit her daughter Fiana Garza Tulip and her 8-month-old granddaughter Lua.

After the journey, Isabelle returned home and continued to work in the rehabilitation facility, which is also the front line of the fight against the epidemic, and there is a shortage of protective equipment such as masks. She said in a text message to her daughter Fiona:“Don’t worry, I am as strong as a cow, and I will be fine.”

On July 2, 2020, Papadimitriou gave Family members text:

“I love all of you,

I am a very strong woman,

I will survive.”

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Two days later, Papadimitriou passed away.

Two days later, Fiana received a courier. Inside the box was a pair of pink sandals for Lua. The sender—mother Isabelle Odette Papadimitriou.

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Fiana Garza Tulip is holding a photo of her late mother. Her mother is Isabelle Odette Papadimitriou, a respiratory therapist.


Fiana said:”She once saw a photo of Lua barefoot. So she hopes Lua can put on shoes.” Fiana said on Facebook Create a group”The epidemic took away my loved ones”.”Every night at 7 o’clock, we applaud the medical staff, and I never realized that I am also applauding my mother.

Shared by:Kelsey Ellis

Audrey Ellis and Kelsey Ellis are twin sisters. The former is also a nurse. On their birthday, Audrey had tired eyes and blue lips, and was later sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Audrey was diagnosed quickly and the hospital forbids any visits.

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Audrey still passed away on March 22.

The cause of death was heart failure.

People sent flowers, but everyone was afraid to hug each other,” Kelsey said,”We are a big family , But now I can’t get together and cry loudly. I have the illusion that none of this is true.”

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Kelsey Ellis holding himself and the late twin sisters Photo of Audrey Ellis


Shared by:Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey’s mother has four sisters, Aunt Kathy is the youngest one. She took Todd to watch the first concert; when Todd was wandering, it was his aunt Kathy who gave him full support.

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Todd Bailey and his mother Joyce Bailey are holding a photo of his aunt Kathy Jones.


In late June, 64-year-old Kathy felt unwell. After going to the hospital, she was diagnosed as positive for the new crown. She texted that her family member might be infected. She was very guilty and sent Todd a link to the test site, urging him to get tested.

Todd and his mother Joyce also tested positive. Todd is not very sick, but his mother can hardly stand up. She felt pain all over her body.

Mother Joyce is lying in the intensive care unit, and aunt Kathy is lying in another intensive care unit 6.4 kilometers away.

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In the last text message Kathy sent Todd, she asked for her bank card. Todd hated that she was still thinking about financial issues in the last sober moments. In the chaos, Todd sent her the last few text messages, but did not receive a reply.

On July 6, 64-year-old Kathy passed away.

——May the next”death” be the new crown.

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