The national football team will train for the top 40 in Haikou

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=45e62042adf59ed29fb2c24f36ed522a - The national football team will train for the top 40 in HaikouThe time for the first training session of the Chinese Men’s Football Team in 2021 has been basically finalized. It will be held in Haikou from January 22 to February 10. Mission Hills The base conducts training sessions for about 20 days to prepare for the remaining 4 World Preliminary Top 40 events. In late March, the National Football Team will face the Maldives and Guam teams. Head coach Li Tie has already drawn up a list of 40 people. The next task of the national football coaching staff is to determine the final list of 27 people based on the situation of the delineated players. The coaching staff will fully consider the demands of each club, and the training will focus on physical recovery.

According to the schedule previously announced by the AFC, the national football team will have two world preliminaries in late March. The opponent on March 25 is the Maldives team and the opponent on March 30 is the Guam team. Since then, the national football team will face the Philippines and Syria in early June.

Considering that there was no official competition in the whole year last year, it is better for the national football team to have an easy schedule and then a difficult one. In the previous game, the national football team won the Maldives 5:0 and Guam 7:0. In the face of these two”fish belly” teams, the national football team should have other goals in addition to winning. The first is to brush as many goal difference as possible in order to gain an advantage in the second competition with other groups; the second is to get back the feeling of the main match as soon as possible through the two games, and strengthen the running-in between the players, especially the new naturalized players. .

At the end of this month, all Chinese Super League teams will close their teams and start preparations for the new season. After a long During the holidays, the first thing the players have to do is to restore their physical fitness and prepare for the new season. In full consideration of the demands of the clubs, at the same time in March when the competition is not fierce, the national football training camp will focus on physical recovery.

According to the idea of ​​Li Tie, Exon, Luo Guofu, Li Ke, Jiang Guangtai, Alan, Fei Nando’s 6 naturalized players should all participate in this training session, but Jiang Guangtai and Li Ke are currently stranded in the UK, and there is a high probability that they will miss the chance. Due to the training period, Li Tie can only adjust the 27-person training list based on the current situation. Exxon, Luo Guofu, and Alan 3 naturalized players who have returned to China at the beginning of the month can participate. The rest of the players are mostly familiar to everyone, such as Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng, Hao Junmin, Wei Shihao, etc.

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