The national team starts the training mode in Haikou, confirms the warm-up match with Yatai on February 5

By yqqlm yqqlm

In order to prepare for the World Cup, the Chinese men’s football team has officially assembled in Haikou. According to the plan, the National Football Haikou training camp will last until February 10. In order to test the effectiveness of the training and to help the international footballers adapt to the”World Preliminary Top 40 Rhythm”, the coaching staff has decided to conduct two teaching games on February 5 and 9. Among them, the team’s warm-up opponent is initially determined to be the Changchun Yatai Team. As for the other warm-up opponent, the team will play in Hebei Huaxia Fortune, Shanghai Shenhua, Henan Jianye 3 Chinese Super League teams that are also preparing for the game in Haikou were born. However, the Shanghai Shenhua Club officially announced on January 25 that, considering the cause of the epidemic, the team will all stay in Shanghai for training, which means that the national football team’s warm-up opponent on February 9 will not be Shanghai. Shenhua.

Affected by the epidemic, the national football team is still unable to participate in any international warm-up match during the 20 days of this Haikou training camp. However, the national football team needs to test the quality of preparation through actual combat. Therefore, the national team attaches great importance to Chinese Super League team’s two warm-up matches, Li Tie also specially emphasized that the international team is required to go all out to play the two warm-up matches . According to the China Jilin Net reporter, the reason why the coaching staff of the national football team arranged the two warm-ups in the last five training days was mainly to help the team adapt to the rhythm of the top 40 games. After all, according to the AFC calendar, the interval between the final half of the top 40 matches with the Maldives and Guam is about 4 days.

Yu Yang, reporter of China Jilin Net Ji Ke APP