The Secretary-General of the United Nations expresses serious concern about the new Jewish settlements in Israel

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Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, January 18th (Reporter Shang Xuqian) United Nations Secretary-GeneralGuterres issued a statement on the 18th through a spokesperson, expressing serious concerns about Israel’s plan to build about 800 Jewish settlement houses in the West Bank.

The spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary-General Dijarik said in a statement that Guterres reiterated that Israel’s role in the Palestinian The construction of settlements in the occupied territories has no legal justification and flagrantly violates international law. The expansion of settlements increases the risk of confrontation, violates the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, and further reduces the possibility of ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders.

The statement said that new settlements seriously hinder the realization of the”two-state solution” and lasting peace. The Secretary-General urged the Israeli government to cancel the decision to build new settlements.

Israel Prime Minister’s office issued a statement on the 11th, saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu issued an order on the same day in the West Bank of approximately 800 new Jewish settlement houses.

The issue of Jewish settlements is one of the main obstacles to the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. Israel occupied East Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank in the Third Middle East War in 1967, and since then began to build Jewish settlements . The Palestinians insisted that they refused to resume peace talks unless Israel completely stopped the construction of Jewish settlements.