The super funder behind Trump is dead

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According to a number of U.S. media reports, funding the U.S. Republican Party and the U.S. presidential elections in 2016 and 2020 Zhongdu invested heavily in support of Trump’s Jewish American gambling tycoon Sheldon Alderson, which was eventually caused by cancer Complications, he passed away in the 87th year of his life.

When CNN reported on his death, he even called him the”king maker” of the Republican Party of the United States, because this rich man with a net worth of 33 billion US dollars has always been special. One of the largest donors in the Republican Party to which Lampe belongs.

For example, between 2018 and 2020, Alderson and his wife donated a total of US$340 million to the party Political contributions to support the campaign work of Trump and other Republican politicians.

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He is also a friend of Trump and is one of the biggest benefactors in the Trump election in 2020. Before Trump, he was a former Republican presidential candidate Romney and former Republican President Bush Jr. The election campaign gave generously.

According to a report by the US CNBC news network, after learning of his death, Bush Jr. made a statement China calls Alderson”a patriot of the United States” and”a staunch supporter of Israel.”

(The screenshots are from CNBC News.)

Indeed, in addition to”loving” the United States, Alderson, as a Jew, has been using his wealth to expand Israel in the United States. Influence. Previous reports by many American and Western media have shown that Alderson has initiated and funded a large number of beautification and crackdowns on Israel on the campuses of dozens of universities in the United States. Palestine project.

According to the US CNBC News Network, Alderson comes from a family consisting of a taxi driver’s father and a mother who sews groceries, but he has already started business at the age of 12 The world has sold newspapers on the streets. Although he only entered the American gambling industry in the late 1980s, he bought the Sands Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, but with With extraordinary business management capabilities, he helped Las Vegas become the most attractive tourist and exhibition mecca in the United States and the world. His industry has also developed to places such as Macau and Singapore.

Finally, according to a report from the United States Fox News, this person is working with”Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.” The funeral of the American super-rich who died due to complications during the fight will be held in his wife’s hometown, Israel. But Las Vegas, USA will also hold his memorial service.

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