The Super League teams are still facing operational difficulties

By yqqlm yqqlm

News from this newspaper (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Shen Wei) In order to alleviate the difficulties in the operation of various Chinese Super League clubs The problem is that the Chinese Football Association recently issued part of the competition fees for the 2020 season to the Chinese Super League clubs in advance, and each club has already accounted for 7 million yuan. However, this sum of money is a drop in the bucket for the Super League clubs, and many clubs are facing the situation that the”Wage Bonus Confirmation Form” cannot be submitted on time. It is worth mentioning that in the 2019 season, the clubs in the Super League have paid about 65 million yuan in dividends. The decline in dividends in the 2020 season is still obvious.

As of now, 10 clubs in the Chinese Super League have submitted the”Wages and Bonuses Confirmation Form”. They are Shanghai Haigang, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Luneng, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing ZhongheGuoan, Henan Jianye, Changchun Yatai and Wuhan Zall. Among the clubs that have not yet submitted the form, in addition to Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, Jiangsu, Chongqing Dangdai and Hebei Huaxia Fortune are more serious. Previously, the Chinese Football Association confirmed that about half of the Chinese Super League clubs had defaulted on wages and bonuses. However, as the submission date of the”Wage and Bonus Confirmation Form” approached, some Chinese Super League clubs took the initiative to solve the problem.

Chongqing Contemporary Football Club is currently the most serious problem. The Chongqing Contemporary Football Team, which was training in Guangzhou yesterday, suddenly ended this training session, and the team has a holiday on the spot. According to the explanation given by the club, the team ended the training camp for epidemic prevention requirements, but such an explanation is hard to convince. Even Chongqing Contemporary Football Club did not shy away from it, admitting that the team had financial difficulties, but expressed confidence that it would eventually be resolved.

For the Chinese Football Association, if one or two Chinese Super League clubs are unable to pass the”Salary and Bonus Confirmation Form”, they can also start to solve the problem. If many Chinese Super League clubs are in such troubles, it may become an unknown whether the Chinese Super League will be held as scheduled, not to mention the new champions of the Chinese Super League last season.

Source:Tonight News