The TV series “This Is Life” ended in the same period of ratings

By yqqlm yqqlm

China News Service, January 15th. On the evening of the 14th, the New Year’s Eve drama “This Is Life” at the theater of Youth on Hunan Satellite TV came to an end. On the closing day, the drama CSM59 City’s ratings at the same time took the first place.

The TV series “This Is Life” ended in the same period of ratings

21 drama days , No. 1 in 21 ratings, from the beginning to the end, the urban emotional drama “This Is Life” handed over a “Grand Slam” transcript. In fact, before the broadcast, “This Is Life” has been on the list of the dramas to be broadcasted on the prosperity index several times. On December 9, the show officially “opened” in the Youth Progress Theater of Hunan Satellite TV, and won the first place in the ratings on the first day. And boarded the hot search list and got a good start.

“This is life” takes “a hundred years of good harmony” CP all the way to flash marriage, flash pregnancy, breakup, and reunion as multiple incisions, through fast-paced ups and downs and intensive “life flow” events, from the point and He does not hesitate pen and ink, focusing on laying out and illuminating the current couples seeking a balance between family business, and realizing the whole process of transformation into a long through the running-in of the three views and social experience. Some netizens called out “too real, catch up to the top of the show”, and the related topic “the adult’s life is not easy” triggered continuous heated discussions and resonance among netizens.

In addition, “This Is Life” is praised for closely following the theme of “Novice Parents’ Happiness Guide”, presenting contemporary young people’s new understanding of “happiness” and restoring the complexity of life itself.