The UAE “Hope” probe is expected to enter Mars orbit on February 9

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The UAE “Hope” probe is expected to enter Mars orbit on February 9

The other two missions are China’s “Tianwen-1″ and NASA” “Perseverance” probe, the Nozomi probe is used to study the atmosphere around Mars and the Martian surface to space environment. The mission will be at 10:30 on February 9th, US Eastern Time (23:30 on February 9th, Beijing time) Carry out Mars into orbit operation.

On January 28, Sarah Al Amiri, the head of the UAE Space Agency, said: “The research team has done everything it can to prepare for it. It has reached the orbit of Mars and has entered the countdown stage.”

So far, less than 50% of Mars missions in the world have been successful. The Hope mission personnel stated that the detector is currently operating in good condition.

If the Nozomi probe goes into orbit on February 9th, the UAE will be the fifth to reach Mars after the United States, the former Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and India. China’s “Tianwen-1” may be Immediately following the Nozomi to complete the Mars orbit operation.

Before the Nozomi mission began, the UAE’s space exploration was limited to earth-orbiting satellites, and the country’s astronauts spent a week on the International Space Station.

It is reported that the Nozomi rover plans to use one year of Mars to study Mars, which is equivalent to two years on Earth. The schedule will start in May this year. In this mission, the rover will be on Mars. Orbit over the equator to study the surface climate of Mars and the interaction between the atmosphere. (Camera)