There are only 7 female referees in NBA history, and 5 of them have not played the playoffs

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The 2020-2021 season NBA regular season is in full swing. The official information of the league shows that almost There are female referees in every day of the game, which is mainly due to the increase in the number of full-time female referees. According to the Beijing News reporter’s statistics, there are currently 5 full-time female referees in the NBA, accounting for 6.85%of all 73 full-time referees this season.

In 1997, there was a female referee for the first time in the NBA. Di Kantener and Violet Palmer became full-time referees at the same time. The former ruled until 2002 and the latter until 2016. As of now, there have only been 7 full-time female referees in NBA history. In contrast, the number and proportion of female referees today have improved tremendously.

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Palmer in charge of 18 seasons to create history

In the first few decades of long NBA history, male referees have been the protagonist until 1997 On October 31, 2015, the NBA field ushered in a historic moment. Grizzlies and the Lone Ranger’s season opener, with Di Candner and Violet Palmer appearing together, female NBA referee Into everyone’s vision.

In the first few years of the NBA, Kantner and Palmer were unable to gain the respect of the outside world. Including Barkley and other celebrities, many NBA players publicly stated that “referees should be the job of men.” They publicly questioned their level of refereeing. Go to each arena to judge, and there is no dedicated female referee locker room for them to use.

Especially Palmer, as an African-American woman, she is under various pressures on and off the court. Kantner left the NBA in 2002, and Palmer became the only female referee at the time. However, Palmer persevered with willpower beyond ordinary people and created countless history.

In April 2006, Palmer appeared in the season after the NBA regular season, which had been in charge for multiple seasons. In the playoffs, she became the first female referee to judge the playoffs. In December 2006, a serious conflict broke out between the Knicks and the Nuggets, including Anthony and JR Smith. All 10 people on the court were thrown off, and Palmer was one of the three referees at the time.

In 2014 All-Star race, Palmer once again made history and became the first to rule the All-Star race Female referee. In 2016, due to a serious knee injury, the 52-year-old Palmer decided to retire, leaving the NBA’s first female referee, refereeing for 18 seasons, whistrating 919 games, and also refereeing the playoffs and the All-Star game. And many other historical records.

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Official information about Holtkamp. Network screenshot

Holtkamp has the oldest active qualification

Before Palmer retires, another female referee has appeared on the NBA court—— Lauren Holtkamp, ​​the latter started administering NBA games in 2014, and the new season is her seventh season in the NBA. In the previous six seasons, Holtkamp has directed 225 regular season games and is the oldest active female referee.

In addition to Holtkamp, ​​the NBA has been committed to getting more female referees to join. In 2018, Natalie Sage and Ashley Moyer both entered the NBA. In 2019, Jenna Schroder began to rule the NBA. In 2020, Simeone Yerkes ushered in the first full-time season of the NBA.

The above 5 active female referees are all”post-80s” without exception. Holtkamp, ​​40, is the oldest, and the youngest is 31-year-old Natalie Sage. According to NBA official information, they all have experience in arbitrating NCAA, NBA Development League, and WNBA games. Holtkamp has also managed world competitions such as the World University Games and the American Championships.

NBA referees are divided into full-time and part-time. Taking the referee lineup for the 2020-2021 season as an example, in addition to 73 full-time referees, there are 6 part-time referees. As a newcomer to female referees in the NBA, the new season is only the first season of Simeone Yers as a full-time referee, but as early as last season, she managed 16 regular season games as a part-time referee in order to adapt in advance. The rhythm of the NBA.

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Ken Moore is the oldest active referee in the NBA. Network screenshot

Bell the playoffs there is still a long way to go p>

Compared with the 1990s, the status and importance of female referees in the NBA has been greatly improved, and the outside world also recognizes their level. Than, they still have a long way to go.

Official statistics show that out of all 73 full-time referees this season, as many as 11 male referees have been in charge for more than 25 seasons. Among them, the oldest qualified is Ken Moore, born in 1955. .

This season is the 35th NBA season under the management of the 65-year-old Ken Moore. In the previous 34 seasons, Ken Moore has directed a total of 1981 regular season games and 218 playoff games, ranking first among active referees, and ranked second among active referees in 19 finals. To a certain extent, the NBA league still relies on male referees with rich experience in these games during the crucial playoffs or finals.

Before retiring, Palmer has managed 9 playoff games in 6 different seasons, which is already a very big breakthrough. For the five active female referees, there is indeed a long way to go to match Palmer’s past achievements. When will female referees appear again in the NBA playoffs? High probability will have to wait a long time.

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