This scene that Trump did not expect just happened.

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The world is like a new chess game. You often think of the beginning, but not the final end.

When he personally produced posters to sanction Iran, Trump should have never expected it. In this winter, the most severe target of US sanctions is not Iran, but himself.

Anyway, reality is more exciting than Hollywood movies. This scene that Trump did not expect just happened. Although he is still the president of the United States of America, he is already the most powerless president in American history, because:

The gun was handed over,

The barrel of the pen was bald,

The purse was also sealed.

The representative of the gun barrel is the nuclear button.

According to Mrs. Pelosi, after the fall of Congress, she immediately had a phone call with General Milly, chairman of the U.S. Joint Council, and discussed”existing precautions to prevent an unstable The president of China launched military warfare, or contacted the nuclear code, ordered a nuclear strike.”

The military assured her that the president would not use Nuclear weapons.

In other words, Trump’s nuclear button was hidden by the military.

The gun of the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces was confiscated.

The Pentagon is disobedient, and what makes Trump even more angry is that even the US State Department has”rebelled.”

In the early morning of January 12, Beijing time, I saw a message posted on the official website of the U.S. State Department:President Trump’s post was terminated at 19:40:41 on January 11, 2021.

Is this the official announcement that”Trump has stepped down early”?

I wonder if it was hacked, but this is the official website of the State Council! I took a look. It’s been a long time and I haven’t changed it. Pompeo, what is your heart?

The pen, not to mention.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Apple… Anyway, social giants you can think of, All have blocked Trump’s account, and even hunted down all the way, blocking all platforms that can express Trump’s comments.

Among them, Twitter is Trump’s favorite. But overnight, Trump’s account was permanently banned, and nearly 90 million fans were wiped out.

Some American media described Trump’s”furious” at the time:

President Donald Trump has a lot of valuable assets, but few of them seem to be like him. Twitter can inspire so many people to be happy. Trump often boasted about the social media megaphones he owned. He attributed the opening of his political trajectory to it, and he used it to tear the enemy apart.

On Friday night, he finally lost it. Then, he lost his mind…

Alas, it’s no wonder that Trump has lost control of his emotions. Without Twitter, there would be no Trump today. It’s very common for me to send 100 tweets a day. As a super internet celebrity who always broke the news on Twitter and fired the minister to sanction others, you can imagine Trump’s current anxiety, depression, and anger. .

No matter how much the back road is, it has been outflanked by Internet giants.

Trump supporters once moved to a new position, Parler, but this app was immediately removed by Apple and Google; people were helpless to go to the Parler webpage, and Amazon announced that it would terminate hosting services for this webpage… …

For this kind of ruthless pursuit and killing, Merkel, who has always been inconsistent with Trump, can’t stand it anymore. She just uttered:Social platforms like Twitter decide to ban the specials permanently. Lampe, this is”problematic”.

But this is the reality. The Iranian Foreign Minister and Iranian President’s Twitter are still there, but President Trump’s mobile phone has really become a brick.

One by one, the pens were broken, and they were socially dead.

Also, the money bag is also troublesome.

Anyway, in the latest news, Stripe, the second largest online payment company in the United States, announced that it has banned all donation channels to the Trump camp.

In addition, the largest hotel chain in the United States, Marriott Group, and the United States’ Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Goldman Sachs Group, etc., have also announced similar policies. Sanctions include Trump and Trump’s political allies.

Also, the various games that were supposed to be held at Trump Golf Course have also been cancelled…

In this world, money is not everything, but no money is ten thousand. Absolutely impossible. Trump should know best.

Yes, Trump still has a large number of supporters who provide a steady stream of donations. His own industry is also a money-making machine. But just as the United States imposed financial sanctions on Iran, US financial institutions blocked Trump more completely.

This kind of financial sanctions is a draw from the bottom!

The Associated Press’s interpretation is:Wall Street is completely cut off from Trump.

The Spring Festival Gala sketch that year once lamented:What is the biggest pain in life? People are still alive, money is gone…

If you say this, Trump’s current pain is even more exponential, because people are still alive and many things are gone.

The person is still there, the gun is gone;

The person is still there, the number is gone;

People are still there, money is gone.

For a president, a businessman, and a super internet celebrity, this may be more unacceptable than 350,000 deaths.

Everything is not over yet.

There is also a knife. In fact, the knife is the fastest to change direction-the judiciary has long since stopped listening to Trump. Anyway, it has long stopped investigating the so-called election fraud. Instead, it is investigating Trump’s”sedition”…

The diplomat in the Middle East said:If the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will definitely invade the United States and liberate the United States from its tyranny.

The Americans discovered that Trump had previously asked the United States to sanction this country and that country. In the end, the United States picked up a big stick, and it was Trump himself who sanctioned the most.

This world, made a big joke with Trump!

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