Three reversals, three tiebreakers, and advance to the final

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On January 16, Beijing time, the 2021 Snooker Masters launched the first semi-final competition. China’s only seedlings and”post-00″ teenager Yan Bingtao scored the only single shot of the game to break 100, winning 6-5 to defend the title The champion and 44-year-old veteran Bingham entered the finals for the first time in the Masters. This is also the third consecutive game he won in this tournament. He will compete with Higgins for the championship.

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In the first round of this Snooker Masters, Yan Bingtao was 3-5 behind and saved 3 match points to reverse Robertson 6-5; in the quarter-finals, Yan Bingtao was 2-0 After leading and losing 3 games in a row, he finally scored 141 points in a single shot in the final game, 6-5 reversed Maguire and advanced; after reversing Bingham 6-5 in the semifinals, Yan Bingtao reversed 3 consecutive rounds + won the tiebreaker, entering the finals.

In this semi-final, Yan Bingtao fell behind 1-3 in the first 4 games. After the intermission, the two won one game each. Yan Bingtao fell behind 2-4. Then Yan Bingtao won 3 games in a row to 5-4. Overtake. In the 10th game, Yan Bingtao made a mistake in a very good situation. Bingham reversed the game, and the two sides drew 5-5. In the 11th game, Yan Bingtao took the lead all the way after getting started, and finally won the game 6-5!

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