Topic | Harden + Durant + Irving may not be a wonderful start

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Just after Harden made public remarks on the 13th that his relationship with the Rockets could not be repaired, the Rockets already knew that no method could be used. The Beard changed his mind, so they made a big deal with the Nets in less than 24 hours. The Rockets got many young players from the Nets and future draft picks, and they sent the Beard back to Duran. Te’s side. Durant immediately expressed his welcome remarks for Harden, and the beard had previously expressed that he likes to play with Durant. This is in line with his wishes, but this deal may be a lose-lose deal.

In the Rockets these years, because the team made this bearded as happy as possible, it has given him all the privileges, such as training time, flight schedules, player transactions, etc., which originally had nothing to do with a single player. But the Rockets have to seek Harden’s advice. The Rockets hope this will make him happy and satisfied. In those years, Harden was the key to this team’s championship. The Rockets had originally formed a lineup that could compete for the championship. The combination of Paul and Harden that year had given them such an absolute foundation, but they were in the heyday of the Warriors, and the Rockets missed it. The best opportunity. Last season, the Rockets hoped to maintain the relationship with Harden through the introduction of Westbrook operations, but the fact that the two failed to produce a chemical reaction last season, or even incompatible, completely frustrated the Rockets’ wishes. . This season, the Rockets brought the former All-Star guard Wall to Harden. They still tried their best to keep the bearded heart, even The latter had already shown a showdown with the team and asked the team to trade themselves, but all these efforts of the Rockets were in vain. Harden had already determined to play for other teams.

The Rockets know that no matter what they do, it will be like Harden said, their relationship cannot be repaired. Therefore, they sent Harden to Durant’s side, and Harden finally got the result he wanted and went to his favorite team to play. The Nets formed a super giant lineup of Owen, Harden and Durant. It seems that this is a win-win deal. .

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But will it really happen? Not necessarily so! Harden is no longer the sixth man behind the Thunder Gandom Durant and Westbrook. He needs a lot of ball rights, team status, and even privileges. But now the Nets already have two absolute superstars Durant and Irving, can they still give Harden these? Back then, the Rockets built the team around Harden alone, but now the Nets are a lineup of multiple superstars, Harden’s status is bound to decline, will he be satisfied? Harden, who is dissatisfied and unhappy, will have serious consequences, just like his farce on the Rockets.

Will the Nets benefit from this transaction? Not necessarily so. Originally, the Nets already had enough cornerstones Irving and Durant, but Irving recently disappeared. The Nets management has gradually lost confidence in him, but Irving’s contract is only halfway through, and he has two more. Years, now there is another ball-dominant player, Harden. Irving will definitely be unhappy. Think about his time in the Cavaliers. There is James is such a tolerant and understanding elder brother, and Love who is willing to be the third core of the team, Irving is still not satisfied, hoping to be the so-called true core of the team, and now, Duran is particularly impressed. Especially, coupled with Harden, who has already enjoyed so much indulgence, can Irving become the leader and core of this team? It is conceivable that Irving and the Nets will have to stage a farce next.

So it seems that the Nets and Harden will not be very happy in the days to come, and they may end up with a bigger farce and absurd ending.

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