Tracking the baby cream “big head doll” incident: how many hidden dangers of “eliminating” font size to be eliminated

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Approval of low-threshold advertisements is a borderline shot, and the number of hidden dangers of “eliminating” font size remains to be eliminated

Re-tracking the baby cream “big head doll” incident

Our reporter Wu Jianfeng, Chen Hongyi, Zhang Xuan

Recently, a Weibo blogger exposed a suspected “big head doll” incident. A family leader broke the news that he had purchased a bacteriostatic cream suspected of exceeding hormone levels from the market, 5 months old. Of children have symptoms of “developmental delay, hirsutism, and swollen face” after use.

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. Whether the antibacterial cream adds hormones, the qualifications of the companies involved, and how many unprotected children’s products are still in the market… After many days, there are still endless debates surrounding the companies involved, evaluation agencies, parties and regulatory authorities.

The Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter recently went to the company involved to investigate and found that although the final conclusion has not been announced, some of the “life” products of the “elimination” brand reflected in the incident are worthy of social reflection.

Tracking the baby cream “big head doll” incident: how many hidden dangers of “eliminating” font size to be eliminated

This is January 8 Fujian Ouai infant and child health care products company photographed on Japan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

The actual number of shipments may be more than 1200 bottles

“Whether it contains hormones” has become the focus of disputes among all parties. Earlier, the informant “Dad Evaluation” had purchased the product involved and another baby face cream from the online store and the physical store, both of which were “(Fujian) Wei Xiaozheng”, and were sent to a testing agency for testing. The results showed that both Contains more than 30 (mg/kg) hormone (clobetasol propionate).

“‘Xiao’ brand products are simply used to disinfect and sanitary products. Hormonal drug ingredients are not allowed. Clobetasol propionate is a very powerful glucocorticoid. The side effects are also considerable, and long-term overuse will affect the growth and development of children.” said Ais, deputy director of the Department of Pediatrics, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated People’s Hospital.

In response to the question of excessive hormones, the reporter visited the company “Fujian Ouai Yingtong Health Care Products Co., Ltd.” for the first time. This company of about 800 square meters rented the third floor of a local industrial park. Concealed, the room includes production, purification, packaging and other workshops.

“Before this product was used, the person involved had used several other products, and I am not sure if it was a problem with other products. As for the hormone content exceeding the standard, it depends on whether it is the result of the authority test At the scene, Hu Yonglin, the major shareholder of the company, explained that he also took out a sample inspection report issued by a certain inspection and quarantine technology center as supporting evidence. The “clobetasol propionate” column above showed that it was not detected.

The reporter saw that the statement on the report reads “The representativeness, authenticity and accuracy of the commissioned samples accepted by this unit shall be the responsibility of the commissioning party.” The company.

Tang Jinsheng, director of the Zhangzhou City Health Supervision Institute, introduced that the company involved was registered in April 2017 and obtained the sanitation license number of the disinfection product manufacturer approved by the Fujian Provincial Health Commission in June. , Enterprises that sell sanitary products. The production workshop of the enterprise is a 300,000-level purification standard workshop, which conforms to the sanitary norms of disinfection product manufacturers.

It is understood that the local health department has taken samples of retained samples and product packaging materials found on the spot, and is currently contacting the Xiamen Customs Comprehensive Inspection Center to carry out the hormone content testing of the involved products. Products that have entered the market are continuing to track the progress of the recall, and will be tested simultaneously after being sent back, and relevant information will be disclosed in time.

How many products are still on the market? In an interview with reporters, the Zhangzhou City Health and Health Department said that the company’s production list and sales list were checked on site and found that there are currently two production batches of 1200 bottles of the products involved, all of which are delivered by order and sold to Suqian and Lianyungang, Jiangsu. . However, some insiders reported that manufacturers may have more channels and the actual number of shipments exceeded 1,200 bottles.

The legal person involved has been engaged in design work for a long time.

Although it is still uncertain whether to add hormones, this is not the first time a problem has been exposed in the “elimination” maternal and child market. Wandering on the edge of the policy, on the one hand enjoying the “low threshold” treatment, on the other hand, exaggerating the use effect, using huge profit margins to seize the market, forming a situation of “bad money driving out good money”-to some extent, the company involved “Ouai” reflects the survival of “Xiao” brand maternal and child products.

In the process of approval and filing, aiming at “low threshold” treatment. At present, the health department reported that there were no problems in the approval and filing procedures of the company. However, the reporter learned that the company has only 5 employees, and the legal representative has been engaged in design work for a long time. In the first few years after its establishment, in addition to producing a few samples, the company has been looking for OEMs to get the goods. It is only responsible for packaging and sales. It only started independent production last year, and problems were exposed to both products.

“General face cream products have the name of’elimination’ and the name of’makeup’. The former is approved by the local health department, and the approval time is short, and the company does not need to mark all the ingredients of the product. The latter is approved by the national drug regulatory authority , It takes a long time to approve, and at the same time all ingredients and excipients need to be marked, and the management is strict.” “Dad Evaluation” said that in this context, many small and micro enterprises with poor qualifications will choose to “rely on the “elimination” brand name in order to go public as soon as possible. “.

Relevant experts have confirmed that the threshold of “Xiao” brand products is low. Taking the antibacterial cream involved as an example, the test items stipulated by the state do not contain the hormone component during the filing and approval process. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity. At the same time, enterprises only need to find certification agencies and mail samples by themselves, and finally only provide the results to the local health department, and the health department does not need to go to the scene for inspection, and it is not ruled out that some enterprises use fake samples to get through.

In the advertising and publicity link, both conceal and exaggerate. The reporter checked the product manual and found that the hormone was not marked on it, and it also said “can be used for daily care”, which is suspected of inducing consumers to use it for a long time. Regarding the sample inspection report provided by the company, insiders reminded that because the company can send samples to the certification body by itself, many companies will also send some hormone-free samples. Replace it with a “hormone-free report” and use it in publicity. Further mislead consumers.

According to media reports and screenshots of some purchasers, the company’s official WeChat account has repeatedly promoted that this baby cream can remove redness, relieve itching, and repair damaged skin. Funds are required for nursing and daily nursing. According to national regulations, “Xiao” brand products must not be promoted as having therapeutic effects.

Exaggerated publicity in the form of “swimming ball” is a common practice for many such products. “In reality, consumers are often confused by the so-called’efficacy’ in such propaganda. Buying products privately may not only cause harm to personal safety, but also it is often difficult to defend their rights.” Deputy Secretary-General of China Consumer Protection Law Research Association Chen Yinjiang said.

In the sales link, seize the market through the temptation of high profits. The reporter once found a delivery order in the manufacturer’s filing cabinet. The delivery price of the 25g antibacterial cream involved was 4 yuan, but the market price was around 80 yuan, and there was a profit margin of more than 70 yuan. 25g antibacterial cream is only about 30 yuan. According to relevant sources in the industry, some illegal “elimination” brand products cost only about 3 yuan, but sold at a “sky price” of 300 yuan.

“Dad Evaluation” said that due to the quick effect of adding hormones, some “elimination” brands dare to adopt high pricing strategies, which leaves a lot of profit margins for offline maternity and baby stores. Therefore, these qualifications A low-quality brand can quickly seize the market offline. “We went to six maternity and infant stores in Lianyungang. These products are all placed in a prominent position in the container. When it comes to children’s symptoms, the clerk strongly recommends this product.”

It is worth mentioning that although the packaging and advertisements of “Xiao” brand products cannot promote the therapeutic effect, the verbal sales of maternal and child stores actually make up for this deficiency.

Strictly apply the types and raise the barriers to entry

The interviewed experts, doctors and insiders believe that in response to the incidents reflected in the “elimination” of the maternal and child market all sorts of chaos, on the one hand The truth should be found out as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is necessary to raise the market access threshold, strengthen supervision during and after the event, and ensure the safety of related products.

Some industry insiders believe that the applicable types of “elimination” brand products should be further tightened, and products such as infant antibacterial cream should be included in the unified approval and supervision of the market supervision department to raise the entry barrier. Otherwise, if things go on like this in the long run, products such as “makeup” brands that face high-intensity supervision will lose their market competitiveness. At the same time, strengthen the defense line of supervision during and after the incident, and introduce a unified policy to ensure that the local health department can perform a certain degree of regular random inspection of various enterprises, and include various hormone indicators into the scope of inspection and testing.

Chen Yinjiang said that to prevent such violations, the key is to prescribe the right medicine. The reason why businesses falsely promote and illegally add prohibited ingredients is to seek more illegal benefits. Therefore, once it is found out that the business has indeed violated the law, it will not only be necessary to make it bear the corresponding civil compensation liability, but also to impose administrative fines, suspension of business for rectification, and revocation of licenses in accordance with the law, so that the offender will not pay for the loss.

Ace suggested that after infants and young children have skin diseases such as eczema, they should go to the hospital and take the medicine rationally under the guidance of a doctor. “Hormone drugs can indeed treat skin diseases, but the premise is to use them under the guidance of doctors. When patients go to maternal and child stores to buy skin care creams and other products, they must also understand the ingredients contained in the products under the guidance of professionals. Choose the right product.”