Trump speaks for the first time since he stepped down

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“We will do something, but not now.” According to a report by Fox News, on January 22, local time, the former president of the United States Trump spoke for the first time after leaving the White House. When asked about future plans, Trump gave the above answer.

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Former U.S. President Trump (data map)

It was reported that on the same day, Trump was dining at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. A reporter from the”Washington Observer” asked Trump what his plans are next.

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Fox News:Trump said for the first time after leaving office,”What will we do”

Trump gave a short answer:“What will we do , But not now.” Then, Trump’s aides asked the reporter to leave.

According to previous reports, on January 20, local time, Trump and Melania rode the” Air Force One arrived in Florida. On January 21, local time, which was also the first day Trump retired as president, US media captured him playing golf in his club. Fox News said that so far, Trump has given little sign of what he plans to do after his term ends.

In addition, Trump’s impeachment case seems to have progressed. On January 6, congressional riots occurred in the United States, resulting in 5 deaths and dozens of injuries. The House of Representatives passed an impeachment clause on January 13, accusing Trump of “seditioning rebellion” and “interfering with the peaceful transition of power” and “seriously endangering the United States and The security of its government agencies” etc. On January 21, Senate Republican leader McConnell proposed to give Trump’s legal team two weeks to prepare for the upcoming The impeachment trial and postponed the trial to mid-February. According to the latest news from Agence France-Presse, the majority leader of the Senate Schumer stated that the trial of Trump’s impeachment case will begin on February 8.

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