U.S. media exploded FBI warning: if Trump is deposed or organized “armed protest”

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The US media exploded the FBI’s internal warning: If Trump is deposed, organized threats to launch “armed protests” in 50 states and capitals across the United States!

[World Wide Web Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] Less than 10 days before the Trump administration leaves office, the nation faces new threats of violence? The American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) broke the news on the 11th that according to the internal FBI announcement obtained by the media, if Trump is removed before the expiration of his term, starting this week, at least until the day of the inauguration of the president, the entire United States “Armed protests” and “large-scale rebellions” may erupt in 50 states and the capital, Washington, DC.

U.S. media exploded FBI warning: if Trump is deposed or organized “armed protest”


p >On January 11, 2021 local time, according to the US Department of Defense National Guard Director Daniel Okansen confirmed to the media that the Department of Defense has approved up to 15,000 National Guard soldiers to be deployed in Washington, DC in response to the needs of the DC government. The presidential inauguration was held smoothly. The picture shows members of the National Guard arriving at the US Capitol.

According to the report, the FBI internal announcement obtained by the ABC reads, “The FBI has received information that an armed group intends to go to Washington, D.C. on January 16. They warned that if Congress attempts to pass the (constitution) The 25th Amendment removes the president, and there will be a large-scale rebellion.” ABC reported that the FBI received news that the armed group called on others to join the action: if Trump is in Biden was dismissed before he was sworn in on January 20, and they will “attack” state, local and federal administrative buildings.

“These armed protests are planned to be conducted in all 50 state capitols from January 16 to at least January 20, and will be conducted in the U.S. Capitol from January 17 to 20,” FBI internal The announcement also read.

On the afternoon of January 6, a group of Trump supporters protesting “election fraud” in Washington stormed into the U.S. Capitol. The ongoing joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives to confirm the final results of the election was Forced suspension. The parliamentarians were evacuated urgently. The protesters confronted and clashed with the military and police forces. The police opened fire on the spot and at least four demonstrators died in the clashes. Many American politicians and major media, including former President Bush Jr. and several Republican lawmakers, accused the demonstrators as “thugs” and bluntly stated that it was Trump who instigated this “riot” and “removed Trump.” The voice is high.

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Pelosi, said on the 10th that House Democrats will propose a resolution requiring Vice President Pence to use the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to remove President Trump if Pence refuses , The House of Representatives will advance the process of impeaching Trump. On the morning of the 11th, Democrats formally submitted a bill to impeach Trump to the House of Representatives. The bill has not been officially announced in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives will vote on the impeachment bill later this week.

A joint poll by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Ipsos released on the 10th local time showed that 56% of the respondents said that Trump should be removed from office. This rate is unprecedented. When the Democrats investigated the first impeachment of Trump in September 2019, only 40% of Americans expressed support. When Clinton was impeached because of a sex scandal, the percentage supporting his impeachment was less than 40%. However, the polls on the 10th also showed that the proportion of Republicans who support the impeachment of Trump is still only 13%. “Russia Today” TV station commented on the 11th that the impeachment of Trump will be a major blow to the reputation of the Republican Party and will inevitably deepen the division of American society. “This is dangerous for both parties.” The American political system is facing A huge risk, “impeachment may open the American Pandora’s Box.”