UK cost 2.5 billion pounds theme park forced to shut down due to spiders

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=9cb5dc537be82c63ca0ff5183b751478 - UK cost 2.5 billion pounds theme park forced to shut down due to spidersAccording to the British”Mirror” report, due to the discovery of a rare spider, the British Disney-style theme park costing 2.5 billion pounds was forced to stop. The spider is about 5 millimeters long, lurking in the swamp, ready to pounce on any passing insects. This critically endangered spider has only been found in one place in the UK. A spokesperson for the conservation organization said this is one of hundreds of”endangered” species whose habitat is threatened. The theme park is expected to open in 2024, but conservation organizations have applied to the government to protect the site.

It is reported that in 2012, the project was designated as a “national major infrastructure project” for the first time, and an application has been submitted to the British Natural Resources Agency to designate the marshland as a site of special scientific value. Therefore, any Any actions that could harm rare species on this land are illegal. The Environment Agency of the United Kingdom stated, “We are aware of the importance of the Swanscombe Peninsula to wildlife and are considering assessing the Swanscombe Peninsula as a site of special scientific value. This work may be launched in early 2021. Completed.”

Last month, a meeting minutes between the developer and the Planning Inspectorate officially acknowledged this, and the owners of the theme park said they were”discussing.” They stated that the timing and evaluation process will not prevent them from submitting bids as scheduled. The conservation organization stated that the swamp is a paradise for insects, inhabiting thousands of animal species and more than 250″protected species”, and there are more species inhabiting the area than in other parts of the UK, including Nightingale, cuckoo, marsh harrier, and lizard. The head of the organization, Jamie Robins, said,”This place is a very good wildlife habitat.” The Thames River is important in the country. In the estuary insect habitat, it has become the best habitat for invertebrates.”The developers claim that they will”strengthen the site and provide a net benefit from biodiversity, thereby creating a green network of comfort zones and parks, including environmental improvement and wildlife habitat creation. The area is next to the Thames, for the local Residents and holiday guests provide accommodation. They claim that their plan”will showcase the natural features of the site and integrate them seamlessly into the design.” The planning bid has been submitted and they intend to set up two theme park gates, a water park, a conference center and electronic sports facilities. If approved, this will be the first development project of its kind in Europe since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992. In Swanscombe, notices from landowners interested in the vicinity of the plot appeared. On January 4, the Planning and Supervision Bureau officially recognized the bid on its portal website. From that date, the committee has 28 days to decide whether to accept the review.

London Resort is a theme park, and its rides are inspired by BBC studios, independent television (ITV) studios, and paramon Pictures programs. There are hotels, restaurants and conference centers, and supporters say the resort will create 30,000 jobs. But Paul Hetherington of Buglife said:”This is a wonderful, huge open space.” The special invertebrates include the brown-banded bee And sea aster mining bees. There are also endangered water vole and more breeding birds, about 82 species. The London resort also proposes to build a ferry terminal in the riverside area to bring Essex tourists here. The riverside area is a marine reserve that specializes in protecting antennae lagoon worms. It is less than 5 mm in length and is a national Rare marine animals are protected by the Wild Animals and Countryside Law. The Royal Bird Conservation Society called the site a”grassland, wetland, shrub, intertidal habitat, and it urgently needs to be designated as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Value)”. (Compiled and reported by China Youth Net)

Source:China Youth Net