Unexpectedly, this Beijing Olympic Games”golden inlaid jade” will return to the public eye like this

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A fire that broke out in Russia two days ago unexpectedly brought the Beijing Olympic gold medal”Gold Inlaid Jade” back to the public.

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“Golden inlaid with jade” looks like this. Picture source:Osports All Sports Photo Agency

This medal was regarded as an”Olympic historical artwork” once it came out. The design layer is filled with many thoughtful little details. Today, ten years later , It can still maintain its beauty as always.

The protagonist of the story, Dariya, is a Russian rhythmic gymnastics athlete. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Together with her teammates, she won the team gold medal in artistic gymnastics. This means that she has a”golden jade”.

On January 7, local time, Daria lit a candle at home, and then she went to the kitchen. Even she didn’t know why, the candle eventually caused a fire.

Because Daria had previously been infected with the new crown virus, her sense of smell was affected and she could not smell at all. When she saw the smoke spread to the ceiling, she realized that there was a fire in the house. She hurried out to ask for help. Fortunately, the neighbor had already called the police. The firefighters came and put out the fire. Daria and her cat were out of danger.

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Daria released her”embarrassed” appearance after the fire.

The fire burned a lot of her things. As you can see from the video she posted, the room was almost a mess.

But to Daria’s surprise, in the room baptized by flames, the”golden jade” was still intact, and even the ribbon was not burned!

After more than ten years and a fire test, the gold medal still exudes a beautiful metallic luster. The Yubi is still warm and moist.

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The gold medal is intact.

The netizens who saw this news were also surprised. They sighed:Real gold is not afraid of fire!

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Screenshot of Weibo.

Such a fire has brought”golden inlaid jade” back to the public eye. In fact, since the day it came out, it has surprised the world.

On March 27, 2007, the Beijing Olympic medals were released in the Capital Museum. The front of the medal is a pattern uniformly prescribed by the International Olympic Committee-the Greek goddess of victory and the Greek Panathinaco field.

The back of the medal is inlaid with a jade wall taken from the shape of an ancient Chinese dragon-patterned jade wall, and the metal graphic in the middle of the back is engraved with the Beijing Olympic Games emblem. As a result, the gold medal of the Beijing Olympics won the reputation of”golden inlaid with jade” among the people.

The medal packaging box is a wooden lacquer box made with traditional Chinese craftsmanship. It has a square shape. The four sides of the heaven and earth cover are slightly curved, which means the heaven and earth are square and Liuhe. The ribbon is woven by machine, with vermilion moiré pattern, festive and auspicious.

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Child star Alpha displays Olympic medals. Photo source:Osports All Sports Photo Agency

People who have seen”Golden inlaid with Jade” will appreciate the aesthetic appeal contained in it, but the medals of the Beijing Olympics are not only a gentleman, but also a gentleman. In order to ensure that the medal is strong, the design team has spent a lot of thought.

Compared to metal, the jade on the medal is obviously more fragile. The design team believes that there is metal directly behind the jade. To make it fall on the ground without breaking, the vibration wave must be eliminated. Then only add cushioning material between jade and metal.

If the cushioning material is too hard, if the metal is hard to hit, it will directly use the force on the jade; if it is too soft, it will not act as a cushion. To this end, the design team checked a lot of information, consulted many experts, and conducted a lot of experiments.

At the end of 2006, the drop experiment finally succeeded, and the jade on the medal was not broken!

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On August 17, 2008, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics badminton men’s singles final, Lin Dan won the highest award station. Image source:ICphoto

International Olympic Committee The Executive Committee praised in the medal design confirmation letter:” The medals of the Beijing Olympics will prove to be a work of art. They are noble and are a combination of traditional Chinese culture and the Olympic spirit.”

In early 2021, the accident experienced by a Russian lady made”golden jade”Returning to the Internet vision again, this evokes many people’s memories of the Olympics. Phil won the gold medal at the men’s 400m medley award ceremony at the Beijing Olympic Swimming Stadium on August 10, 2008 Puth and Rochette who won the bronze medal.

And also in the past few days, rumors that the Tokyo Olympics may be postponed again are spreading on the Internet.

In fact, whether it is”gold inlaid with jade” or other Olympic-related designs, it is an opportunity to show national culture to the world. Regardless of Beijing in 2008 or Tokyo today, it is an opportunity to enhance the friendship between athletes and enhance people’s exchanges.

The heritage of the Olympics is exceptionally wonderful. Every four-year cycle is like a bond, bringing us into the memory of the Olympic Games that belongs to us alone. I wish the Tokyo Olympics all the best, just like Beijing in 2008.

Source:China News Service