US media:The day after Biden took office, she submitted impeachment

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Refer to the news [US media:Biden the second day she took office, she really submitted the impeachment] US Republican congressman submitted the impeachment clause The US”Capitol Hill” Daily website reported that the day after US President Biden was sworn in, Republican Representative Marjorie Green stated on the 21st local time that she had submitted an impeachment clause against Biden. According to the report, Green’s impeachment clause specifies any impeachable crimes committed by Biden, but this text is not yet available. But Green pointed out that these clauses accused Biden of “abusing his power” during his term as vice president, allowing his son Hunter to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. Green said last week that she will introduce the terms of impeachment against Biden the day after he takes office. The report pointed out that Biden previously denied that he considered his son’s business interests when making any policy decisions on Ukraine. Last year, the Senate Republicans investigated the corruption allegations against the Bidens and found no evidence of wrongdoing by the current president. (Compile/Wang Na)

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