Walking in fish’s thoughts

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“Did you know? There is a sea far away! That sea is big, in the sea The fish live more comfortably than we are.” A plain carp said to me with excitement, looking at him as if he had been there.

Since then, going to the sea has become my dream.

Finally, in a cool early morning, I looked back at my sleeping family and resolutely turned around and left the peaceful and peaceful life I had lived for a long time. Lake.

My head is suffocated, and I swim eastward recklessly, a strong aroma of rice accompanied by a cool breeze whirls across the lake. I raised my head, and a large golden paddy wave gleamed in the sun. In the rice fields on the shore, Li, walking one after another, the diligent farmers were sowing hope.

“It’s so beautiful…” I sighed the golden hope, but the other side of my heart drove me to swim to the east without stopping.

One day, when I found that the water around me became muddy,”Haha!” A deafening shout went straight into the sky, accompanied by the thunderous drums, it was Waist drum! Excitedly, I stopped advancing temporarily, and together with a group of energetic offspring, I held my fins high—beating the waist drum, and played a majestic movement on the Loess Plateau.

“How magnificent…” I sighed that the billowing dust, no matter how magnificent it is, it won’t stop me from throwing into the sea.

I swam into the clearest stream among the many tributaries of the Yellow River and ran towards the east against the current.

Later, in the same cool morning, I finally arrived in the Shanghai I dreamed of. However, it can’t be said that it was fulfilled.

I saw that the street with dazzling lights was crowded with all kinds of people. One by one, they came and went in suits and shoes, and their brand-new leather shoes raised strands of dust. I think of those young people on the Loess Plateau, but I feel that there is a world of difference between the two places.”Why do they seem so busy?” I don’t understand, there is no one to stop with such a gorgeous seaside scenery, and everyone’s eyes only seem to reflect”numb” images without light.

People are like this, but fish must be like this.

The sea is indeed huge. But why do I feel so hollow? The sea is indeed beautiful, but why is it so salty? It’s like crying silently from the sky, and strings of tears slowly converge into the ocean.

“Did you know that there is a lake far and far away! Where the fishes are happy, there are golden waves of wheat and the rich fragrance of rice…” Clownfish shook his head and said to me that he looked like he had been there before.

Qiao Jingyi (15 years old) Grade One (15) of Sihong Jiangyan Senior Middle School, Sihong County, Jiangsu Source:China Youth Daily

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