Who did it? The American manatee is engraved with “Trump” on its back (photo)

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China News Service, January 12th. According to “Central News Agency”, a manatee in a river in Florida was engraved with the words “Trump” (TRUMP) on its back. On the 11th local time, the US Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed this situation and launched an investigation. Relevant units also urge outsiders to help find the culprit.

According to reports, people recently discovered this particular manatee in the upper reaches of the Homosassa River on the west coast of Florida. It can be seen from an underwater video that the words “Trump” (TRUMP) are engraved on its back.

Who did it? The American manatee is engraved with “Trump” on its back (photo)

U.S. fish and wild A spokesperson for the Animal Management Bureau said the manatee did not appear to have been seriously injured. Investigator Craig Cavanna said he is currently unable to comment on the “case under investigation.” He said those who harassed the conservation animal manatee violated federal law and faced a fine of up to $50,000 and one year in prison.

The Center for Biodiversity, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, also announced a $5,000 reward for people who provided clues about the case.

Reuters reported that according to the U.S. Wildlife Protection Act, Florida currently has more than 6,300 manatees. Ship strikes are the leading cause of manatee deaths, but habitat loss, algae blooms and diseases also threaten their survival.