Why does the balloon fly around in an instant

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Source:Science and Technology Daily

This is because after the balloon is inflated, the internal gas pressureGreater than the external atmospheric pressure, the gas rushes out from one end at a high speed after the air flow, and the recoil force of the air flow on the balloon becomes the driving force for the balloon flight. The moment the balloon deflates does not rush out in a straight line. This is mainly because the uneven thickness of the balloon makes the tension uneven, which makes the balloon contract unevenly when deflated, causing the balloon to swing. Because the recoil force and the direction of the movement speed always produce an angle, the direction of the balloon’s movement is constantly changing; in addition, the shape of the balloon is constantly changing during the contraction process, so the airflow velocity on the surface is also constantly changing during the movement.

According to the principle of fluid mechanics, the higher the flow rate, the lower the pressure, so the air pressure on the surface of the balloon is constantly changing. In addition, due to the fluctuation and contraction of the balloon, the windward area changes, and the balloon The air resistance encountered during”flight” will also have a certain impact. Under the combined effect of various factors, the direction of the balloon’s movement is constantly changing.