Wolves coach:If the Premier League is suspended again, football will always be different

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=1c5340451e295ab515112f303877c91f - Wolves coach:If the Premier League is suspended again, football will always be differentLive broadcast, January 12, according to Sky Sports reports, many Premier League coaches have recently talked about the possibility of the league’s shutdown again. Due to sex, Wolves coach Nuno fears that if the league is forced to stop again, then football will never be the same as before.

Premier League The recent surge in positive cases of the new crown, the latest round of test results showed 36 positive cases. New high this season. Last month, Sky Sports reported that the Premier League did not intend to shut down again, but in the face of unignorable epidemic data, this issue has become the focus of attention again. Sky Sports today summarized the opinions of several Premier League coaches on the suspension in recent press conferences and interviews. The following is the specific content of the speech.

Wolves Coach Nuno

“I’m not sure which is better to stop or continue to play. What I think and what I fear is that if the final decision is to stop, the football we know now will not be the same.”

“This is my biggest worry, because the schedule will become very crazy. You can’t even complete the league or think about the European Cup. So I think if football stops, everything will change. New Football is coming, there may be a (European) Super League and new competitions, and then there is a question of which club can survive, so this is a difficult decision.”

Burnley Coach Sean Dyche

“I I think the Premier League is doing everything possible to keep the game going, and so are most players. As long as the epidemic prevention agreement is still there, as long as this agreement is the maximum safety, then I think football must continue to play, I think it will be a suspension now. Extreme behavior.”

Newcastle coach Steve Bruce

“I see other clubs are struggling with this. Of course, the Premier League’s epidemic prevention regulations have been implemented, but once you leave the training ground, the Premier League’s epidemic prevention regulations will not take effect for you , You are equivalent to walking into the outside world.”

The speed at which the new crown virus spreads in our club All football clubs should pay attention, because its spread is difficult to control and stop. No one thought that this new wave of epidemic peak would come so violently.”

“From an economic point of view, continue It’s right to play. But in my opinion, it’s morally wrong to continue to play. I know people want to play football, but we are as vulnerable to the virus as everyone else.”

< p>Arsenal coach Arteta

“Considering the current situation in the UK and the world, it is morally strange to continue playing. We also know that if we can play under safe conditions, then we can bring a lot of positive energy to society, but you need to find a balance.”

“When football starts to become harmful and worrying, and begins to exploit people, and when we can play games safely and bring positive energy to society, it is difficult and contradictory.”

Sheffield United coach Chris Wilder

“I don’t think anyone will feel that football is suspended again. Surprised, I think everyone knows in their hearts that everyone knows the current situation. As I have always said before, I want to work, I want to play football, this has always been our position.”

“The decision-making power has been handed over to the British government. Obviously, there is also the Premier League. This is really a strange situation, isn’t it? From the good news that the vaccine was released to the sudden attack of the mutant virus, everything came so quickly and so suddenly.”

“I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the virus sweeping across the UK at such a speed. I don’t think I will cause any controversy if I say this.”

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