Yatai Haikou starts the first training of the 2021 winter training season

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On the afternoon of January 12, the Changchun Yatai team completed in Haikou The first training session of the 2021 season will focus on physical recovery training.

A few days ago, Changchun Yatai team completed the assembly in Haikou and officially entered the 2021 Super League season preparation rhythm. Affected by the prevention and control of the epidemic, this year’s winter training team no longer arranges overseas training, but focuses on physical training and teaching competitions in China. During the holidays, both domestic and foreign players will conduct self-training in strict accordance with the team’s epidemic prevention and control regulations. Therefore, the nucleic acid test after arriving in Haikou has passed the whole team.

In the past few days, Haikou has been overcast and rainy. The lowest temperature is only minus 5 degrees Celsius, and the body temperature will be even colder. On the training ground, the Xihan Yatai players were not affected too much. They devoted themselves to training with a brand-new mental outlook. According to a reporter from China Jilin Net, the first training session of the Changchun Yatai team focused on physical recovery. The players’ self-training effect during the holiday was obvious, and the training status was well received by the coaching staff.

After the opening of the winter transfer market of the Chinese Football Association, there have been some”scandals” between some foreign players and Yatai. However, the club did not give a positive response, just saying that all signings work is necessary The official announcement of the club shall prevail. However, in the winter training plan of the Yatai Club, the main work in the first stage is physical training and signings. In other words, in the future, there will be internal and foreign aids coming to the team for trial training and accepting Yatai. Investigation by the coaching staff. As for the final players to be eligible to represent Yatai in the Super League in the 2021 season, it completely depends on the final assessment of the Yatai coaching staff.

Yu Yang, reporter of China Jilin Net Ji Ke APP

Picture provided by Yatai Football Club

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