Yoshihide Suga said 39 mantras at the half-hour press conference, Japanese experts:let the people despair

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Source:Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Prime Minister of JapanSuga Yoshihide

span>Recently, a press conference was held to issue an emergency declaration for the three counties in the capital. However, according to a report on the 9th by Japan’s Yahoo News, Japanese communication experts believe that Suga Yoshihide’s frequent subjective mantra speeches make people feel uneasy and desperate.

According to the report, in the press conference that lasted only half an hour on the 4th, Yoshihide Suga said 39 mantras such as”I think” and”I think”, leaving people with a lack of confidence and avoidance of responsibility impression. Throughout the many speeches made by Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese people often feel that their language skills are weak and communication skills are poor. Although many Japanese people inadvertently end with”I think” as the expression, it is extremely rare that the frequency of use such as Suga Yoshihide is so high.

On the Japanese website, many netizens commented, “I discovered this early, and I feel more flustered every time I watch TV.” “As a national leader, he should have the ability to lead the people in language, the best Let’s reduce the use of these mantras.” (Xu Dairu)