“You have a new order, please check it!”

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Chinanews client, Beijing, January 13th (Reporter Ren Siyu) “There is a new police situation, please check it.” In the video, a reminder from the Pozi Street Police Station of the Tianxin Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City, Hunan Province sounded and bounced On the scene, the ridicule of “catch what order” kept drifting.

Recently, a police documentary observation reality show made the audience very “top”. The twists and turns of its story are comparable to “1818 Golden Eye”. Douban scored 8.8 in the first season, and by 9.2 in the second season, it has not only become a “happy fountain” for netizens, it has also made Pozi Street police station a new online celebrity check-in place.

What is the magic of “Guardian Liberation West”, which is like a variety show and a documentary?

“You have a new order, please check it!”

TV series dare not do this play?

“There is Sanlitun in the north, and Jiefang West in the south.” Jiefang West is the most prosperous business district in Changsha City, with many shopping malls, large and small shops, bars, thousands of hotels and guesthouses, and lively Conflicts and crimes are also undercurrents.

“Guardian Liberation West” talks about the daily life of the Pozi Street police station in charge of this area.

Every night when the police station in Pozi Street ushered in the peak of the police, the crying drunk, the hard-talking thief, and the hot-blooded youth who were fighting and fighting were brought back by the police one after another. The level of excitement is comparable to that of a vegetable market, and “famous scenes” also appear one after another.

For example, the gang fight in the first issue: a boy was dissatisfied with a girl calling him a “four-line actor”, and felt insulted, so he scolded his sister as ugly, and a group of people scuffled together. When being taken to the police station, the girl also argued: “Is the four-line artist complimenting you? Not to mention your eighteenth line is not bad.”

“You have a new order, please check it!”(1)

In the two seasons of “Guardian of the Liberation West”, wine is the biggest “back pot man”. A 16-year-old girl who has been reporting to the fake police after drinking, claimed to be in charge of Changsha’s drug-making gang, made a noise at the police station, “The whole Changsha, I am the boss!” When her boyfriend came to pick him up, there was a paragraph “I gave up for you The “Literature of Youth Pain” in “The Whole Changsha” is quite different from the well-behaved girl who soaked up the next day.

“You have a new order, please check it!”(2)

You will find through the program It turns out that people who are drunk will not only pour hot water on their bodies, smash their cars, but also run naked in the hospital. When you think that “I was beaten by my girlfriend’s fiance” has a lot of information, there are more “Two brothers fighting for my wife and sending me to the police station by the way” by Gouxue…

“You have a new order, please check it!”(3)

While some suspects seem to have strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities, the reasons for being caught are very incredible. There was a suspect who had absconded for a long time to watch the hotel monitor, and found that the person to be arrested was himself; there was a thief who secretly monitored the dead-end battery car, but he rode a shared electric car to steal the car, and was locked by a customer service call by the police Location…

“You have a new order, please check it!”(4)

All said Art comes from life. The reason why everyone chased “Guardian Liberation West” to the “top” is because the melons in real life are more fragrant than film and television dramas. Some netizens commented: “This kind of documentary perfectly satisfies our desire to join in the fun without getting out of the bed, and it will not affect the mood of law enforcement through the screen.”

But it is not only a file of “human confusing behaviors.” “Reward”, in the program, there are also many irritating and helpless cases.

In one case, the man reported to the police that his 20-year-old sister had been kidnapped, but the other party only said to transfer 12,500 yuan. When I finally found out that this was all directed and acted by my sister, my brother was emotionally broken. It turned out that she had defrauded the more than 100,000 that my brother was planning to get married. She tricked the dad with his injured shoulder to borrow money by bike and borrowed a lot in the name of her mother. money.

But the younger sister, who was in debt, was very smart outside. When she was arrested, she was still annoyed: “Why is it all on my head?” After being detained, the brother who cared about her sister even reported to the police. Send a text message and ask if I can send some warm clothes…

“You have a new order, please check it!”(5)

In order not to affect the police handling as much as possible, the program team adopted “non-intrusive shooting”. Xiao Shu, the chief director of “Guarding the Liberation of West” and the chief director of the blockbuster center of the Tianze Content Division of China Broadcasting Corporation, introduced that the program team has done a lot of filming and renovation work, and even demolished one wall of the office of the Pozi Street police station because of the need to install one. One-way perspective glass is used for concealed shooting. At the same time, the setting of multiple concealed shooting and the setting of directional sound collection have been added, allowing the parties and police officers to express naturally and truthfully.

At the beginning of each episode of the program, there will be subtitles: the main subjects of the film have agreed to shoot. In fact, the program team waited until the police had dealt with the case before they went to communicate with the parties and obtained their permission to appear.

“Guardian Liberation West” was jointly produced by Bilibili and Zhongguang Tianze Media. Li Ni, COO of Station B, said that when she first came into contact with this plan, she was first “opened in a young way” The positioning of “Police Station” was moved, and I felt it was particularly suitable for Station B. At the same time, the police subject has its own law-promoting nature, which can also provide positive guidance to users.

At the same time, the show also has a variety of editing and post-production, such as introducing the police with flower characters and cartoons, or combining the dialogue between the victim and the suspect to create a “face-slap effect” and so on. “Different panoramic police documentary programs are filmed in the real daily life of the police, and the program group can play very limited places. In this case, whether the post-production follows the rules of network transmission and meets the aesthetic preferences of netizens? It has become very important.” said Liao Sha, the chief director of the later period of “Guardian Liberation West”.

“You have a new order, please check it!”(6)

Its purpose can be Not “funny”

In recent years, many police-related documentaries have met with the audience. Through these films, everyone has discovered that the policemen at the police station have faced each other day after day. It also helps the elderly living alone find keys and other parents’ shortcomings.

Actually, the work of the police is not rigid. In the face of criminals with all kinds of sophistry, they will be sharply angry: “You don’t need to tell the truth, but only if you tell lies, why do you Be logical, because you are telling lies in the key details.”

However, in the face of the granny whose wife has passed away unfortunately, the police handling the case will also take care of the emotions of their loved ones and save them from depression. After the young people and the frustrated people who can’t think of, they often use their own personal experience to comfort each other.

“You have a new order, please check it!”(7)

This kind of program appears The significance is not only to tell the police’s daily law enforcement, but also to show the complex life status and the importance of knowing and abiding by the law.

Every case has an embarrassing story behind it. In addition to arresting prisoners and bringing them to justice, the police often also bear the responsibility of reconciling conflicts and enlightening. Because some seemingly small and weird contradictions may also hide hidden dangers to public safety.

For example, when interrogating a man who had eight criminal convictions and stole things with a child, the old policeman said to him earnestly: “From the age of eight or nine to fourteen or five years old, The image of being a father is very important. It can determine his life, just like planting crops. Don’t care about everything for your own pleasure.”

“You have a new order, please check it!”(8)

Under the seemingly entertaining shell, the show is also using real cases, causing more people to be more concerned about the law attention.

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