160,000 people participated in the Spring Festival of the Second National Smart Sports Competition

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Chinanews.com, Beijing, February 21st. During the Spring Festival, the second National Smart Sports Competition·2021 Spring Festival competition with the theme of “Fitness over the New Year · Celebrate the New Year” received extensive support and attention. According to statistics, since the start of the event on February 8, 160,000 people have participated in the event through online event platforms such as Migushan Run, Want to Move, and Jump. Among them, the number of users participating in family members together accounted for nearly 2 /3.

160,000 people participated in the Spring Festival of the Second National Smart Sports Competition

The players interact online Photo courtesy of participating organizers

Fan Guangsheng, director of the Social Sports Guidance Center of the State Sports General Administration, Lin Chaopan, a member of the Chinese Gymnastics Team, and Pan Jianchen, director of the National Smart Sports Competition Organizing Committee, passed The short video sends out invitations to the people across the country to encourage more people to join the queue for the New Year’s fitness. The organizing committee of the event stated that under the environment of staying behind and preventing epidemics at home, the Spring Festival competition of the National Smart Sports Competition opened a new healthy folk custom of “home fitness, exercise for the New Year”, and became a new spring festival fashion that the people respected and pursued.

Fan Guangsheng said that the National Smart Sports Competition actively innovated the competition format, created IKEA, easy and interesting competitions, gave full play to the advantages of cloud events, and advocated a healthy lifestyle during epidemic prevention and control. Hope everyone Actively participate in it and enjoy the health and happiness that sports bring.

160,000 people participated in the Spring Festival of the Second National Smart Sports Competition(1)

Players interact online Photo courtesy of the organizers participating in the competition

The whole family playing together is the highlight of the Spring Festival competition. The Spring Festival competition combines AI intelligent technology and somatosensory technology to make sports as easy and fun as playing games. Among them, somatosensory idiom solitaire solitaire, somatosensory data game and other projects, also integrate students’ classroom knowledge into sports and fitness, so that students can enrich their knowledge accumulation while interacting with their families to exercise.

The online interaction of the whole people makes the Spring Festival competition more exciting. With the support of major competition platforms, the Spring Festival competition has realized the transition from all-people participation to all-people interaction, which is not only reflected in the competition and achievement accumulation data of the project, but also realized the same stage competition across space. AI, this child can skip rope, Chinese New Year healthy online running and other projects. Through virtual and real applications, players can also feel the joy of outdoor sports at home.

Student Lin Zhuoran from Zhejiang Province, during the Spring Festival, enters the competition platform of the National Smart Sports Competition with his parents every night after dinner, and compares somatosensory idioms solitaire solitaire, somatosensory number games, and accumulates idioms with his family Along with the arithmetic ability, it also consumes the extra calories of the house during the holidays. Many times in the competition, Lin Zhuoran also received the special award of the competition-a LANSEA leafless supersonic hair dryer. On behalf of her family, she expressed her gratitude to the organizing committee of the competition: “Not only can you practice Chinese and mathematics knowledge, but also make the family active in fitness. This activity is very meaningful. It accidentally won the favorite high-tech smart prizes, and it is also a gift for the Spring Festival holiday. Come with happiness and surprises.”

Lina from Xinjiang stayed in Beijing to celebrate the Spring Festival due to the need for epidemic prevention during the Spring Festival. Without the usual dinners, she invited relatives far away in Xinjiang to participate in the National Smart Sports Competition. In the Spring Festival online running event, the family PK online, sharing results, competing steps, and receiving red envelopes every day, a unique and sporty online reunion year.

Many children from all over the country participated in the National Smart Sports Competition 2021 Spring Festival Rope Skipping Project under the guidance of their parents. They participated in updating their scores every day, coaching by AI intelligent coaches, and improving rope skipping while participating online. skill. After a holiday, the speed has improved a lot.

The 2nd National Smart Sports Competition·2021 Spring Festival competition is sponsored by the All China General Sports Association, organized by the Social Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports, Zhejiang Sports Bureau, and co-organized by China Sports Industry and China Mobile; Executed by Yunzhong Sports Intelligent Sports Industry (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., and jointly operated by Migu Culture, Xiangdong Network Technology, and Jump Rope.

The organizing committee of the event prepared prizes such as vivo mobile phones, LANSEA leafless hair dryers, micro team smart football shoes, micro forest ecological purifiers, and magic skin care products for the majority of participating fans. According to the organizing committee, more than 20 contestants have won the Spring Festival gift by participating in the event and interacting with the official account of the National Smart Sports Competition Organizing Committee. More fitness awards are still being delivered. (End)