Another winter storm is coming! 150 million people in the U.S. under extreme weather warning

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China News Service, February 15th. According to the US Chinese website, the National Weather Service’s weather forecast center said that 150 million people across the United States were under winter storm weather warning on the morning of the 14th local time. The south central region, which has just experienced a deadly storm threat last week, is about to be violently attacked by another strong storm system on the 16th.

Another winter storm is coming! 150 million people in the U.S. under extreme weather warning

On February 1, local time, Manhattan, New York, a worker drove a snow removal vehicle to sweep snow on the sidewalk. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Fan

“For residents of southeastern Texas, southern Oklahoma, northern Louisiana, and southern Arkansas, this may be the most they have encountered in their lives. Bad winter weather.” CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

The forecast center said that the winter storm that entered the area on the 14th caused parts of the southern state to issue a winter storm warning “for the first time in ten years.”

Last week’s winter storm brought freezing rain and icy weather to the Dallas-Fort Worth area of ​​Texas. At least nine people were killed in the crash.

The center said that it is expected to snow on the 14th from New Mexico to the Mississippi Valley, and ice from the coast of Texas to the Tennessee Valley.

Another winter storm is coming! 150 million people in the U.S. under extreme weather warning(1)


p >On March 4, 2019 local time, New York, USA, was hit by a snowstorm.

“The ice and snow accumulated on the 15th will be impressive, extending from southern Texas…” the forecast center added. “The heavy snow on the 15th will also spread to most of the lower Mississippi River, the Ohio Valley and even the northeast.”

According to the center, by the 16th, parts of central Oklahoma may be affected. It will fall as much as 12 inches of snow, and some areas may experience more snow. Eight inches of snow may fall from eastern Texas and the Ohio Valley all the way to the northeast. The center added that from the lower Mississippi Valley to the Tennessee Valley, as much as half an inch of ice may cause severe travel conditions, leading to power outages and damage to trees.

Vandham said that from the morning of the 14th to the morning of the 16th, it is expected that more than 140 record low temperatures will be broken across the United States. From southern North Dakota to Texas, from western Indiana to Montana, more than 55 million people are already under wind chill warning.

As the central and southern regions are hit by cold weather and snow and ice, another storm will cover the northwest and northern Rocky Mountains on the 15th.

In addition, a blizzard has brought more than a year of snow to Seattle. Data from the National Weather Service in Seattle showed that the city had about 8.9 inches of snow on the 13th, the 12th most snowfall day in 125 years.