Astronomers confirm Farfarout, the most distant known object in the solar system

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Astronomers confirm Farfarout, the most distant known object in the solar system

Farfarout is also closer than the recently discovered distant solar system objects, such as the Farout which sounds “only” 124AU or the current Goblin which is 80AU. Interestingly, it may be the farthest known object in the solar system, but despite its name Farfarout, it is not always the farthest, because these distant solar system objects usually carry extremely elliptical orbits. In operation, Farfarout can reach 175AU at the farthest distance, which is insignificant compared to Goblin’s incredible 2300AU maximum distance. At its closest approach, Farfarout was only 27 AU away-which is closer to the sun than Neptune.

“Farfarout was probably thrown into the outer solar system because it was too close to Neptune in the distant past,” said Chad Trujillo, author of the research report describing the discovery. “Farfarout is likely to interact with Neptune again in the future because their orbits still intersect.” As early as January 2018, astronomers used Subaru telescopes to discover Farfarout for the first time, but the exact distance is not available. determine. Due to the distance, the celestial body is very dim and moves very slowly in the sky. Further observations are needed to track its path and calculate its size.

In doing so, astronomers estimated that its width is about 400 kilometers (250 miles), which is much smaller than any officially recognized dwarf planet. Further research will be conducted to help determine its orbit and other characteristics more clearly.

In the end, it will be given a more serious name than Farfarout.