Brazilian patient is simultaneously infected with two mutant new coronaviruses

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China News Service, February 1st. According to the “Central News Agency” report, researchers in southern Brazil said a few days ago that they found two confirmed cases of simultaneous infection with two variants of the new coronavirus. At present, the types of mutant viruses in Brazil continue to increase, and the situation is worrying.

It is reported that Brazilian researchers recently published the above findings on the medical website medRxiv. However, the research has not been published in scientific journals and has not been peer reviewed.

Brazilian patient is simultaneously infected with two mutant new coronaviruses


p > It is reported that both patients are in their 30s. In late November 2020, they were infected with the P.2 mutant virus found in Rio, and the test also tested positive for another mutant virus.

The two reported mild symptoms, one of them had a dry cough, and the other had cough, sore throat and headache. None of them need to be hospitalized.

The report pointed out that two cases showed that there may be multiple variants of the new coronavirus spreading in Brazil. This also worries scientists that the existence of two virus strains in the same person may accelerate the mutation of the mutant virus.

The lead researcher of the study, Fernando Spilki, a virologist at Feville University, said, “This simultaneous infection may cause the combination of viruses, and even produce new variant viruses faster than before.” This will become another way for the virus to evolve.”

Reported that the emergence of a new mutant virus not only brings the risk of increased infectivity, but may also invalidate the vaccine currently under development. The mutated viruses discovered in the UK and recently in Brazil seem to be more transmissible.