Britain announces “road map” for lifting the epidemic blockade

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China News Service, London, February 23 (Zhang Mengqi) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on the 22nd the “road map” for lifting the blockade of the new crown epidemic, and plans to gradually restore British social life to normal in the next four months.

At a government press conference held that evening, Johnson announced the latest plan of the British government’s “road map” to lift the epidemic blockade, and published the full text on the government’s official website.

Britain announces “road map” for lifting the epidemic blockade

The “roadmap” plan is divided into four steps, each step separated by 5 weeks. The first step starts on March 8, all schools in the UK will reopen, and middle school students will be required to wear masks for the first time; the second step starts on April 12, non-essential shops, libraries, museums and other public places as well as barber shops, nail art Stores and other personal care services are reopened; the third step, starting from May 17, under the premise of following the “social restriction of 6 people rule”, bars, restaurants, cinemas, children’s playgrounds, hotels, etc. will reopen to provide indoor services; fourth Starting from June 21, all legal restrictions on social interaction will be lifted.

At the meeting of the British Parliament that day, Johnson described the “Roadmap” plan as “a one-way road to freedom”, “The progress of each stage will be determined by the epidemic data rather than the date. “.

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p > On January 7, 2021 local time, in London, England, many landmark buildings lit up in blue to pay tribute to the anti-epidemic heroes.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser of the United Kingdom, said at a press conference that it is very important to allow five weeks for each step of the “roadmap” to avoid “blindness”. flight”.

Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College London, believes that the “road map” has achieved the “right balance”, but warns that reopening schools may increase the number of reported cases of infection each day .

Johnson emphasized to the lawmakers that the “roadmap” plan is “cautious but irreversible”, and the coming spring and summer will be “a season of hope. For all of us, it looks and feels very beautiful “. (End)