Canada approves AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine

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China News Service, Toronto, February 26 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) The Canadian Federal Government announced on February 26 that it has approved the new crown vaccine developed by the British pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca and Oxford University, and the new crown vaccine developed by India AstraZeneca vaccine produced by the Serum Institute.

This is the third new crown vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech in the United States, and the new crown vaccine from Moderna in the United States. The new crown vaccine used in Canada. The Canadian Ministry of Health has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for use in people over 18 years of age.

Canada approves AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine

On February 22, local time, a clothing store in Markham, a Chinese community in Ontario, Canada, reopened that day, but did not open all entrances to restrict the flow of people. With the second wave of the epidemic beginning in the fall of 2020 now showing clear signs of control, many places in Canada are trying to relax restrictions. Photo by Yu Ruidong, reporter from China News Service

Different from the previous two vaccines, which are both mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines, the AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus vector vaccine and requires two injections. It can be stored at a refrigeration temperature of 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius for at least half a year, making it easier to store and transport. Plus official data shows that the vaccine has an effective rate of about 62%.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau told the media in Ottawa that Canada has ordered 2 million doses of the Indian version of AstraZeneca vaccine and will receive the first batch of 1 million doses within a few weeks. In addition, Canada has booked 20 million doses of the new crown vaccine from AstraZeneca earlier. Trudeau said that by the end of March, Canada is expected to receive more than 6.5 million doses of three approved vaccines.

So far, the Canadian government has pre-purchased more than 400 million doses of the new crown vaccine from many pharmaceutical companies around the world. At present, the two vaccines of Johnson & Johnson and Novavax are still awaiting official approval.

At present, Canada has completed more than 1.77 million doses of vaccination. The country’s public opinion criticized the Trudeau government, believing that Canadian vaccination progress has been slow in Western countries.

Trudeau also revealed that, in cooperation with the Canadian government, a research and development institution in Quebec has successfully developed a biodegradable non-medical mask using wood fiber, which is a global leader. Researchers are developing medical-grade masks that are completely biodegradable.

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p > On February 22, local time, a woman walked into an officially designated isolation hotel near Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Ruidong

As of the evening of February 26, Canada has reported about 861,500 new cases of new crown, with 3,252 new cases in a single day; about 809,000 cases of recovery, 21915 cases of death, still active There are 30,516 cases.

Since the beginning of January, the number of new cases in Canada has dropped significantly, but there has been a slight rebound in the epidemic situation in some areas recently. In Ontario, which has the highest cumulative number of cases, the number of daily cases has risen for 6 consecutive days. The province has announced an “emergency brake” in some areas and re-implemented the “closure of the city.” Nova Scotia is also tightening prevention and control measures in Halifax and other places, including restricting the business hours of the catering industry, suspending sports events and theatrical performances, and restricting the number of people gathered indoors and outdoors.

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Tan Yongshi, warned that the mutated new crown virus has made epidemic prevention more difficult. At present, Canada has reported nearly a thousand cases of mutated new coronavirus infection. (End)