“Checkered Top” Winter

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Li Xiuqin

In winter, there is less farm work in the countryside, and the peak season for blind dates is here. In the 1950s and 1960s, free love was promoted. Many young people looked for partners on their own. However, there were also many young men and big girls who could not meet suitable candidates and had to rely on introducers to match them.

The introducer is a steelyard, weigh the two ends, and when the conditions are good and both parents agree to meet, set a good day for the two to see each other. At that time, new clothes were made only once a year, and many people borrowed them from relatives and friends without new clothes that were suitable for going out. My eldest brother-in-law is a construction worker who has worked abroad for two years. When the eldest sister got married, the brother-in-law brought back a lot of fabrics from abroad. My eldest sister gave me a piece of plaid cloth, and my mother made me a gown with a small lapel and puff sleeves. It was very beautiful. I usually don’t want to wear it.

Everyone knows that I have such a fashionable new dress, and the girls come to borrow it during blind dates. Just borrow, I didn’t think so much, so I lent them happily. People rely on clothes, horses and saddles, and the girls are all more prettier than flowers. Those who wear my checkered shirt on blind dates are all favored by the boys, and only the girls choose the boys.

That winter, someone also introduced me to a young man-Xiaozhou. I wore my plaid top and went. We met at the introducer’s house, and it felt okay. Three days later, the introducer asked us to go to the movie again. After watching the movie that day, Xiaozhou suddenly gave me a piece of floral cloth and asked me to make a new dress. He also said not to let me wear that plaid dress again, saying that the dress was not good-looking.

What vision! I like that dress the most. It’s not uncommon for me to give me the piece of floral cloth. I confiscated his floral cloth. When I got home, the more I became more angry, I asked my mother to tell the introducer that this person was inappropriate.

I received a letter a week later. The letter was written by Xiaozhou, saying that he said something wrong that day. In fact, I was very good-looking in a plaid shirt. There was a reason why I didn’t want me to wear it. He also met a girl in our village a few days ago. He caught the girl with a small look. Although he was not ashamed to look up at the first meeting, he knew that the girl had long braids and was wearing a plaid top. But the other girl didn’t like him, and she didn’t want to associate again after only seeing him. When she was young, she never forgot about”Girl Grid” and often talked about it to him. Xiaozhou said that he was afraid that we would be caught up together, and mistakenly thought that I was the girl who introduced him to him, because I also wear a plaid shirt and a long braid.

After reading this letter, I realized that it was all clothes that caused the”curse”. It was the first blind date for Xiaozhou and I and I had never dated any other young men before. Xiaozhou, a nerd, has a lot of inner drama. The mother said that the young man who can meet the second time and give flowers is also generous enough to be in one place. When I was with Xiaozhou later, I never wore that plaid shirt. Xiaozhou teased me and said:Did you borrow it again for a blind date? I smiled and didn’t say anything, but I actually kept it for marriage.

Source:Southeastern Morning Post

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