Chinese compatriots in Malaysia receive the “Spring Festival package”: “The motherland is by your side”

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China News Service, Kuala Lumpur, February 4 (Chen Yue, Lin Xiting) Recently, many Chinese compatriots in Malaysia have successively received “Spring Festival packages” issued by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

On February 3, Lu Shiwei, Consul General in Penang went to Penang Port to visit and sympathize with 76 Chinese stranded crew members, and delivered “Spring Festival packages” and New Year greetings. Penang Port Authority Chairman Chen Deqin and crew representatives attended the event.

Under the premise of complying with the local epidemic prevention policy, Consul General Lu approached the “Nine-Emperor Star” cruise ship on the command ship and met with crew representatives in the cabin. Consul General Lu had a detailed understanding of the life and physical and mental health of the crew, and said that the Consulate General has always been concerned about everyone, and has been closely cooperating with Malaysian local functional departments and relevant international organizations to provide necessary assistance to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. He hopes that everyone will strictly abide by the anti-epidemic regulations, actively cooperate with the work of relevant departments, and rationally safeguard their rights in accordance with the law, and work together to overcome difficulties.

Chinese compatriots in Malaysia receive the “Spring Festival package”: “The motherland is by your side”

Chinese Embassy in Malaysia” The “Spring Festival Package” contains both anti-epidemic supplies and abundant Spring Festival elements. Photo by Wu Jiashuo

Consul General Lu asked the crew representatives to convey the concern and greetings of the motherland and the consulate general to all crew members, saying that the consular protection telephone of the consulate general is online for everyone 24 hours a day.

Penang Port Authority also sent condolences to the crew and stated that it would ensure the crew’s living supplies as much as possible within the scope of their duties, and promote the successful resolution of the problem.

The crew said, “The Spring Festival is approaching, and the’Spring Festival Bag’ brings unspeakable warmth and touch. Although we are overseas, the motherland is by our side!”

< p>Chinese compatriots in Malaysia receive the “Spring Festival package”: “The motherland is by your side”(1)

Consul General Lu Shiwei (middle) distributes supplies to crew representatives . Penang Port Authority Chairman Tan Deqin (right) participated in the event. Photo courtesy of the Consulate General of Penang

On February 4th, on the campus of Putra University in Malaysia, a Chinese student volunteer was busy delivering the “Spring Festival package” prepared by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia In the hands of classmates left behind in a foreign country.

The “Spring Festival bags” carefully prepared by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia for overseas students and compatriots who are stranded in Malaysia contain anti-epidemic materials such as masks, disinfectants, and items such as “Fu” with Chinese cultural elements. . In order to reduce the risk of students’ travel, the embassy and consulates sent this warmth to the students who stayed behind in a foreign country through the volunteer teams of international students from each school.

A volunteer who distributed “Spring Festival packages” on the spot told reporters that under the influence of the epidemic, many Chinese students studying in Malaysia stayed away from their relatives and stayed in Malaysia for the Spring Festival for the first time in their lives. The students were very excited and immediately signed up to become volunteers. “Now, seeing the excitement of the students after receiving the’Spring Festival Package’, I am especially proud and fulfilling.”

Chinese compatriots in Malaysia receive the “Spring Festival package”: “The motherland is by your side”(2)

Consul General Lu Shiwei (right) expressed his condolences to the crew representatives. Photo courtesy of the Consulate General of Penang

Cao Jie, the person in charge of the “Spring Festival package” distribution at Putra University, said that this is the second time during the epidemic period that she and her volunteers assisted the embassy in distributing epidemic prevention materials Up. At the time of the outbreak in Malaysia, the embassy prepared a “health package” for the students, and now it has also prepared a “Chinese New Year package” for the students.

Cao Jie said that the two distributions of materials were actively participated by Chinese student volunteers and the assistance of local Malaysian students. During the distribution process, they also received the cooperation and appreciation of students from Malaysia. She said that every time she distributes supplies, she feels the unity of Chinese students and also realizes that the warmth of the motherland binds the hearts of overseas students. (End)