Congratulations to those who did not delete the circle of friends

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I have nothing to do on the weekend, and look at the Moments I have posted.

From 2020, to 2016 in one go.

In fact, when I turned to 2018, I blushed a bit. Because it was so silly at that time, as if he hadn’t seen the world before, it was really:send a little mess to the circle of friends.

When you are in a bad mood, post a circle of friends, and post a circle of friends with high reading volume. Even on the road, you meet a sprinkler singing songs, and you meet a cloud with a unique shape. .

In 2016, it was even more excessive.

I didn’t know how to think about it at that time. For a while, I really liked quotations. A small quotation every day seemed to like to teach.

Occasionally, he reposts a few current social events and argues with friends in the comment area.

It looks a bit like a middle-aged young man.

Seeing these, I hesitated:Do you want to delete some Moments? Or set it to be visible for 6 months?

But then I think again:Although the circle of friends in the past looks a little naive, isn’t that the real me?

I was not perfect, but it was a part of me.


I admire two kinds of people:

One is the person who does not close the circle of friends all year round, the other is People who don’t change their phone numbers all year round.

I mentioned a friend in my article. She has been divorced for many years, and her circle of friends still retains photos of her marriage.

She in the photo, wearing a cheap wedding dress, standing in the shabby courtyard, her eyes are full of longing for marriage, she looks simple and silly.

Similarly, in her circle of friends, there are still small essays written during the divorce that year, analyzing why divorce is necessary.

A little bit down, but also a little bit decisive.

One time, I asked her:”Why haven’t you deleted it yet?”

Especially for a divorced person, it’s easy to keep a wedding photo with her ex-husband on social platforms. Misunderstood that old love is unforgettable.

If it is deleted, it is assumed that it has not happened, right?

And she said:”I did do this before, so why conceal it?”

Frankly, as if facing the sky.

As time goes by, a person’s memory is easy to be tampered with, and the version of the story changes again and again, and finally becomes something that is beneficial to oneself.

He will try his best to clear his own responsibilities, forget the naivety and conceit of the past, and attribute the past tragedies to the treacherous cunning of the other party.

The premise of everything is to delete, conceal, forget and obscure.

Only those who have the courage to face it will retain the traces of what happened before, and are not afraid to face the self.


Many people who live to the second half will have a history of deliberate concealment.

When you meet someone who has closed your circle of friends, don’t be surprised. They have a heart to protect and have nothing to do with others.

After all, some people treat Moments as a letter and write to everyone who cares about them; others use Moments as a diary and write only to themselves.

However, when you meet an open circle of friends who can let you see from the beginning to the end, you must cherish it.

They are like a clear spring, coming from everywhere, going everywhere, crystal clear. I don’t have too much scheming, and I don’t care much about the eyes of others.

Closing the historical circle of friends is actually quite an embarrassing choice for Xiang.

I saw on the Internet that a person set the Moments to be visible for 3 days. After three days, life seemed like nothing happened.

Only his old mother called in anxiously:”Child, why can’t I see your circle of friends?”

He suddenly realized.

It turns out that there are really not too many people who will care about your circle of friends and find out and look through it.

People lying in your friends list can be easily swiped on the day you send out the circle of friends, which is already a great fate.

Only those who really care about you will click on your avatar, open the circle of friends and look through it one by one, to understand your current situation and recall your past.

So, when you set your circle of friends to be visible for 3 days, what you stop may be a friend you just met, or a curious life traveler.

When you set your circle of friends to be visible for 3 months, what you stop may be your old classmates across the mountain or rivers, or you may be a teenager who happened to think of you.

When you set your circle of friends to be visible for 6 months, the ones you stop must be the parents who care about you the most and will never forget you.

And those who don’t care about you at all, and those who don’t deserve your care at all, never thought about going through your circle of friends from start to finish.

It doesn’t matter if you set it or not.

Since this is the case, why should we turn away the love of our dear ones for the sake of those insignificant?

Source:Youth Observer