Do not change your original heart

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Have no change in the original heart, and ride the boat to cut the wind.

Dear old fisherman:

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I am honored to be able to have such an exchange across time and space with you. Qu Zi was exiled and said:”The whole world is muddy and I am alone, and everyone is drunk, I am alone.” But you sang loudly:”Everyone in the world is turbid, why don’t you shove the mud and wave it? Everyone is drunk, why not feed it and sip it” to persuade him to rise and sink. In my opinion, Chuxin is a person’s most precious asset. Regardless of the turbulent times and prosperous times, stick to the truth, do not follow the trend, keep the original heart in mind, and ride the boat to cut the wind.

Shen Fu once wrote in”Six Chapters of a Floating Life” It’s clear that it’s sullen, and it’s turbulent.” This kind of thinking can be said to be optimistic and expressive, but the current times are rolling forward, passively avoiding the world, and drifting with the current will only lead to confusion. Therefore, we should stick to our original aspirations, pavilions and pavilions in a complex society, not floating in the world, and becoming a avenue of our own.

If you don’t change your original intention, you can go straight to the sky.

Qu Zi repeated admonitions but was demoted time and time again. He was originally”retributing the country to ten thousand deaths” but he became”Eight Thousands of Chaoyang Road in the evening”. In this way, he has withstood the filth of the world, and his song”Li Sao” stayed in the world and won his name for thousands of years. Look at the other dynasties in history. At the time of Huanling, it was not that the Ten Changs served in chaotic politics. The emperor had no heart in the world and had to go with the flow, but in the end it was not prosperous and stinking for thousands of years. Mencius said,”Thousands of bells do not argue for etiquette and justice, but how can they be for me.” Imagine how such a benevolent person would rise and fall in the world and follow a monarch to achieve his own body. If we do not grasp our course, the torrent of the times will only push us into the whirlpool of death. Therefore, I did not change my original intention and became my own.

Do your best to take advantage of the wind to see the mountains and rivers.

However, Qu Zi’s meaning is not perfect. It is true that he does not follow the trend, but is clear, which is worthy of praise. , But with death and soul, the people of Chu are still in the difficult situation of”flesh and bones leaving the road.” We should do our best to open up a different kind of sky, which is the trend of the times and the trend of the aspirations. Just as Wolong collects two Sichuans, arranges eight formations, takes Xishu, and sets Nanban, doing its best to create a great cause for the Shu Han. And now the doctor Li Wenliang has a flood of rumors and has a lot of soup. He was alone in the waves. , Go upstream. The fact that the new crown can be passed from person to person. These are all retrograde warriors who”delivered their lives to the country for disaster, and regard death suddenly as home.” The world is muddled. They lit up China’s country with their own sparks.

Maybe you don’t know. Today, the UK is implementing herd immunity, and many countries are weak in fighting the epidemic. If we follow the trend and make the land of China smoldering, has a lot of holes. What face do we have to meet you and Qu Zi.

Xin Qiji’s poem says:”Outside the door, you can succumb to the waves.” And I want to say, even if the world is turbulent. I can also show the courage to”dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky”. Do not change your original heart, and go on a boat to cut the wind. The original heart is like a rock, and the mission is on your shoulders. Not only maintains the purity of the heart, but also upholds the fearlessness of retrograde, and has great achievements for the future.

Blessings:Keep your original heart and go far.

A student

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