Drow players asking for salary on New Year’s Eve? Club statement:rumors! Legal action will be taken

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New Year’s Eve, including weekly pass The drow players among them condemned the club’s wages arrears on the social platform, but the drow immediately issued a statement stating that the club had paid full salary bonuses for the 2020 season and submitted a wage bonus confirmation form. There was no wage arrears.

Zall Statement

In response to the remarks made by some former team players on social platforms, our club hereby officially declares:Wuhan Zall Professional Football Club has pressed the The Chinese Football Association requires that the 2020 season salary and bonus be paid in full, and the salary bonus confirmation form should be submitted on time, and the admission and registration in the Chinese Football Association should be completed For related jobs, there is no such phenomenon as “owed wages”. Relevant game bonuses are rewarded to players who have contributed and are highly loyal, and have nothing to do with some former players. Some players are requested not to be whimsical and attempt to confuse the audience through ugly performances.

For the malicious slander of Wuhan Zall Professional Football Club and its investors, our club has fixed evidence and will take further legal actions to safeguard legitimate rights and interests and bring a lawsuit to relevant parties.