Elderly people in Japan postpone full vaccination on April 26 due to insufficient supply

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China News Service, February 25. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on the 24th local time, Taro Kono, the minister in charge of administrative reform in Japan, held a press conference and announced that from the week of April 26, full-scale vaccinations for the elderly would be started. .

The Japanese government initially expressed its efforts to start related vaccination after April 1, but decided to postpone it. The report pointed out that the background reason for the delay in vaccinating the elderly was the insufficient supply of vaccines.

Elderly people in Japan postpone full vaccination on April 26 due to insufficient supply


p >Previously, on the 23rd, Kono Taro had stated that regarding the issue of vaccinating the new crown vaccine for the elderly over 65 years old from April, Japan will initially distribute the vaccine to prefectures based on the population, and will not consider the number of infections in each region for the time being. Allocate vaccine.

In addition, with regard to the vaccination of personnel in facilities for the elderly such as special care homes for the elderly, the Japanese government has also targeted employees under 65 years of age who work in facilities. Kono explained the reason and said: “This is to prevent clusters of cases in the facility.”

There are many undetermined schedules related to vaccination and supply, and some local governments have pointed out that it will affect preparations for vaccination, and there is dissatisfaction. Views. Kono previously stated that “a certain level of decision must be made within this week.”

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Komei Party leader Yamaguchi Nazuo on the 24th said about the results of overseas investigations that the vaccine produced by Pfizer in the United States will also be effective once, saying that “it will be used for 2 vaccination. Implementation of the second idea”. Kono’s vaccination schedule is also based on the premise of 2 vaccination.