ExoMars orbiter captures “Perseverance” and its discarded junk images

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ExoMars orbiter captures “Perseverance” and its discarded junk images

The leftmost part of the picture above is the parachute and back shell of the rover, which is located in the falling position, the center is the “Perseverance” rover itself, and the rightmost is a circle Heat shield. ExoMars took this image on February 23 as a joint mission of ESA and Russia’s Roscosmos.

The European Space Agency released this picture on February 25, showing the discarded components, which are essential for the safe delivery of the rover to the ground on February 18. ExoMars played a role in the landing of Perseverance, sending data from the spacecraft back to Earth to let mission planners understand the landing situation.

The ExoMars trace gas orbiter has been in orbit around Mars since October 19, 2016. It is full of instruments designed to sample and analyze molecules in the Martian atmosphere. The purpose is to help scientists understand how small amounts of gas like methane can signal biological or geological activities on distant planets.

The orbiter has multiple cameras and a color and three-dimensional surface imaging system, which is why it can shoot Perseverance. When the photo was taken, the orbiter was about 249 miles from the surface of Mars. Earlier this week, NASA shared an image of the descent phase and the plume of its wreckage.