Focus Media Jiang Nanchun: The biggest opportunity in 2021 is the “popular dividend”

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Recently, Jiang Nanchun, chairman of Focus Media and permanent tutor of Dark Horse Camp, has brought a line for entrepreneurs with the theme of “How to become the first choice in the minds of consumers” through the “2021 Dark Horse Academy” Share on.

Focus Media Jiang Nanchun: The biggest opportunity in 2021 is the “popular dividend”

Jiang Nan, Chairman of Focus Media Spring

The following is a selection of live broadcast content:

The two-step method of occupying the mind: find the right words, improve the mind

How to gain competitiveness? Products alone are not enough; products are the foundation. Technological development has intensified product homogeneity, and innovation will be quickly imitated. The time window for innovation today is only 3-6 months, after which competitors will quickly imitate. It is important to lead competitors with products, but product advantages must be transformed into consumer cognitive advantages, and they must continue to be solidified. Products are important, and brand recognition is even more important. Brand recognition will affect customers’ perception and expectations of the product.

The brands that rose the most in the stock market last year, such as Arowana, Nongfu Spring, Haitian Soy Sauce, why did they succeed? Why is the market value so high? Because in the minds of consumers, they have become common sense, a standard, and an unthinking choice. Brands must occupy a clear and simple word in the minds of consumers. Only when customers have such needs can they become the first choice. Only in this way can we be immune to future price wars, promotion wars and traffic wars.

There are two ways to occupy the minds of consumers and become the first choice in the minds of consumers: find the right words and gain the mind.

How to find the right word without feigning death? There are four ways to play: 1. Endorsement category, 2. Occupy characteristics, 3. Focus on business, 4. Create new categories. Take e-commerce as an example, the boss Tmall directly grabs the category, and it is enough to go to Tmall; the second place is JD.com, which saves on JD.com and emphasizes fast delivery; the third place, Vipshop, will focus on Do a special sale website; the fourth place fights a lot and creates a new category, fights more and saves a lot.

A good advertisement must have the following characteristics: First, it meets the advantages of the product, second reflects the differences from competitors, and third meets the pain points of consumers. Only three points can form an effective competitive strategy.

There are three criteria for evaluating the three-point integration: the first is customer recognition, the second is sales use, and the third is opponents hate. An advertisement that meets these points, has a place in the minds of consumers, and has won a cognitive advantage.

Finding the right words is only the first step. Only by seizing the time window and conducting saturation attacks can we be preconceived and seize the minds of customers, and then we can win intellectual property rights and become the first choice.

He believes that there are several laws in the minds of customers: first, it’s one of the best. Consumers’ mental capacity is limited, they have the first or second position, and the third is hard to remember; second, consumers’ minds are hard to change ; Third, consumers have complex mental aversion.

The core problem of seizing the minds of users is to focus on the urban mainstream population. The mainstream population of 300 million cities is the vane of the consumer market. They have stronger spending power, have the right to speak, are willing to try new products, and have a demonstration effect. Concentrate firepower as much as possible to occupy the minds of 300 million mainstream urban populations. Find the right words + enter the mind. Only when the brand is successfully registered in the minds of customers can the company gain real immunity and benefit in the long term.

How to make good use of Internet accurate traffic

Now, Internet traffic advertising occupies a very mainstream position in Chinese advertising, and its advantages are very obvious: First, it is convenient to adjust and simple in form. The production cost is low; second, direct link sales; third, the effect analysis is more obvious.

But there are some misunderstandings in Internet traffic:

Misunderstanding 1, Internet traffic advertising is difficult to establish a brand. Internet traffic advertising is more dependent on discount promotions. The traffic platform has a strong channel attribute, and traffic brand advertisements have the form of promotion. Live streaming and other methods only solve the problem of buying right away, but not why consumers love this brand. It is one-time, not long-lasting, and may also cause brands to become more and more dependent on discount promotions. Without brand advertising to solidify brand awareness and cultivate trust, sales are unsustainable. With the increasing cost of traffic, the road of buying traffic is bound to be unsustainable.

Misunderstanding two, Internet traffic advertising can easily lead to intensified competition costs. The challenge of Internet traffic is to adopt a bidding mechanism, and the price of traffic rises. As long as you are not the priority option in the minds of customers, when you and your opponents are fighting on performance advertising, you can only bid constantly to obtain traffic, and ultimately it will become more and more difficult to make a profit. Without establishing a brand recognition advantage and stopping effective advertising, sales will immediately decline. Ultimately, the brand’s dependence on performance advertising will become greater and deeper. Traffic costs continue to increase, absorbing most of the profits generated by the brand.

Only when the brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, can you get continuous free traffic. In today’s era when the cost of traffic is getting higher and higher, every traffic has to be bought and it is difficult to make money. Second, brand power can increase the conversion rate of traffic. Third, the brand potential can bring the product’s premium ability. You will find that a brand has trust, reputation, and brand potential, which can bring greater premium capabilities.

At the same time, using social media, brands should avoid several misunderstandings. Misunderstanding one, refreshing is difficult to copy. Pechoin wrote articles about 30 million screens in 2017 and 2018, not to mention how much sales could be generated, but where is the second screen refresh? But encounters cannot be sought, fire is accidental but not inevitable. Misunderstanding two, refreshing without brand value. Many companies have also brushed their screens, but can they bring strong brand value? Debatable. Consumers are happy if they want to educate and have fun, but the core value that the brand wants to convey is vague. When consumers make purchasing decisions, they still have to ask why you choose not to choose others? Nowadays, it is difficult to explain the core value of the brand in many refreshing articles.

Misunderstanding three, forget it very quickly. A lot of information may be popular for one day, and the next day more popular information breaks in, consumers will forget the refreshing information, and the brand must fight the forgetting through repetition.

When social grass planting becomes a marketing standard, the large-scale grass planting bonus has ended, and the conversion rate is getting lower and lower. It is becoming more and more difficult for social planting to detonate brands. When others are still planting grass, you should plant a big tree and expose the brand to the familiar, so that everyone can pay attention to the big tree and the grass planted under the tree.

How to use Focus to detonate the brand

How to use Focus to detonate the brand? The advantages of Focus are obvious. 87% of China’s TOP100 brands chose Focus. Focus Elevator Media daily covers a total population of 310 million people and 700 million person-times. Focus can accurately reach 310 million people every day, and it is the most detonating media for mainstream urban populations.

Connerman mentioned that humans are a kind of creature, and they must be vigilant in their living environment. Repetition will trigger the comfort and familiarity of cognitive relaxation, which will have a subtle impact on customers. Yuanqi Forest, Miao Ke Lan Duo, Xiao Xian Stew, etc., are repeatedly exposed in the elevators of the communities and office buildings that consumers must pass through. They unknowingly plant the seeds of the brand in the brains of consumers, and they will bloom one day. As a result, once it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it can continue to achieve high growth.

Focus also has many challenges. For example, Focus’s thousands of floors and thousands of faces are not as accurate as the Internet’s thousands of people and thousands of faces. For example, Focus can use building portraits, community portraits, and office building portraits to deliver thousands of floors and thousands of faces, and it can also make accurate delivery based on real estate geographic location data, real estate grades, and real estate category demand data. But a thousand floors and a thousand faces are definitely not as accurate as the thousand people and a thousand faces of the Internet.

Focus is also facing the challenge of “product effects can be synergized but cannot be integrated.” At present, the media data of Focus Elevator is returned to Tmall Data Bank to help customers accumulate brand data assets. Customers can continue to operate, but they cannot be directly integrated with sales.

Focus’ exposure data can be returned to Tmall’s data bank for back-link analysis of factors such as interest, purchase, and loyalty. Brands can also analyze and re-deploy these returning crowds who have seen Focus ads to form stronger conversions.

Focus’ media release is not a one-time release, but a digital asset accumulation. Brands can continue to operate these digital assets and eventually reach sales. But it does not directly click on Focus to generate sales. Brand advertising is a long-term effect. Performance advertising is a short-term effect, direct purchase. Brand advertising and performance advertising are difficult to integrate. Brand advertising transfers the data back to our performance advertising, and performance advertising is followed by investment based on the crowd, which can shorten the time for brand advertising and performance advertising to take effect.

The whole path of the brand is the strategy from “cognition and cognition” to “identification and subscription”. The first step is for brand advertising to reach users at a high speed and aim at brand building. This step can clearly tell the consumer, who are you? What is the difference? Why see? The second step is to socially plant grass for content marketing. This step specifically tells consumers what value you have, what advantages do you have compared to your opponents, and how do you evaluate them after you use them up? The third step is shopping guide harvesting. In physical terminals and e-commerce terminals, shopping guides are used to guide users to make the fastest purchase decisions.

Today, we find that many new consumer brands are reversed, from “subscription recognition” to “cognition and cognition.” This strategy also has three steps. The first step is to win a small number of core fans to generate purchases and loyalty through social planting; the second step is to start a large number of visibility and recognition, and increase visibility through brand advertising. In the third step, users searched the Internet and saw rave reviews from fans, which triggered the next round of sales breakthroughs and achieved great success. Generally speaking, the establishment of a brand is a combination of punching methods, which are indispensable.

Looking forward to the era of brand dividends

In the post-2020 epidemic era, we have had a lot of misunderstandings and we must return to the essence. Now, everyone is talking about digital marketing. It seems that we have entered the era of live e-commerce. It seems that we don’t need a brand anymore. We are all talking about the integration of product and efficiency. But all brands are facing the dilemma of disappearing traffic dividends. In fact, the nature of business will not change, consumers make choices based on brands. Brand is the long-term strategy, and traffic is the short-term strategy.

The Internet has created a massive amount of instant information from graphics and text to video to live broadcast. The information is becoming more and more abundant, but is the communication efficiency between brands and customers getting higher and higher? exactly the opposite. The choice of consumers is more dependent on the brand. Because information is becoming more abundant and communication channels are becoming more and more developed, everyone on the Internet can make their own voice. When the amount of information explodes, consumers with limited energy will be overwhelmed. Brands are the reducers of information. Consumers can use brands to reduce information and reduce the cost of their own choices. The role of brands will only increase.

In 2021, let us use deterministic logic to win the uncertain market. In 2021, the biggest opportunity for us is to shift from more homogeneity to differentiation, from price wars to value wars, and from manufacturing-driven and channel-driven to customer perception-driven. The biggest opportunity in 2021 is that the popular bonus is unfolding. Although the traffic dividend has disappeared, the brand dividend is unfolding.