Guangxi multiple guarantees help migrant workers return to work, plans to organize 524 special trains

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China News Service, Nanning, February 23 (Reporter Huang Yanmei) The Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region introduced on the 23rd that the human resources and social security departments at all levels in Guangxi did a solid job in ensuring the return of migrant workers to work during the epidemic prevention and control period. , Multiple guarantees have organized a “point-to-point” return-to-work service guarantee network. At present, 14 cities in Guangxi plan to organize 517 “point-to-point” special buses to return to work in Guangdong, organize 7 special trains, and plan to organize 23,930 return workers.

Guangxi is a large province (region) for the transfer and employment of rural labor in China, with a total of 12.87 million migrant workers. Guangxi planned early, actively coordinated with relevant departments, laid out work plans, printed and distributed relevant documents, and focused on “point-to-point” return to work, and did a good job of guaranteeing the service of migrant workers, especially those in Guangdong returning to work.

According to the Guangxi Human Resources and Social Security Department, various places in Guangxi will visit migrant workers returning to their hometowns in conjunction with the special activities of “Welcoming the New Year and Sending Warm and Care to Migrant Workers” and “Welcoming the New Year, Keeping Jobs and Training” Condolences, dynamically grasp the needs of migrant workers in terms of location, time period, post intention and transportation after the holiday, and continue to do a good job with the human resources and social security departments of Guangdong Province in conjunction with the transportation and railway departments at all levels. Good consultation mechanism, timely follow-up and grasp of Guangdong enterprises’ resumption time and labor demand plan, and various forms and channels to help migrant workers in Guangdong to timely and accurately grasp relevant information.

Guangxi multiple guarantees help migrant workers return to work, plans to organize 524 special trains

February 23, Liuzhou, Guangxi The first special train for migrant workers to return to work in Guangdong was issued. 355 migrant workers from 12 counties and districts in Liuzhou took the special train to return to work in Guangdong. Photo courtesy of the Guangxi Department of Human Resources and Social Security

At the same time, various parts of Guangxi have strengthened dynamic monitoring, proactively understand labor demand and labor trends, and actively grasp the flow of migrant workers, so as to prevent epidemics, stabilize employment, and promote development. The demand for labor in and outside the district, taking into account the labor demand of Guangxi labor concentrated areas and concentrated enterprises and the demand of migrant workers to work in Guangdong. According to the actual situation, Guangxi focuses on the “point-to-point” service guarantee organization for migrant workers who have jobs and newly established jobs who plan to enter the city, especially those who have recently escaped poverty, are vulnerable to poverty, and have low incomes. , To meet the labor demand of enterprises.

In the past few days, Guangxi Laibin, Hechi, Guigang, Qinzhou and other cities have successively issued return-to-work chartered vehicles. Xiangzhou County, Laibin City, has organized and carried out free caring special vehicles to send migrant workers back to work in Guangdong since the second day of the first month. So far, nearly 300 migrant workers have been sent to Guangdong. A total of 330 migrant workers in Gangnan District of Guigang City signed up to take the return-to-work special bus to go to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and other cities in batches.

In order to ensure the safety and order of returning to work, various parts of Guangxi provide “point-to-point” and “one-stop” return-to-work special vehicles and special train labor transfer services according to the needs of migrant workers’ employment destinations and time periods. Through the “organize a batch, send a batch” mode, the peak shift, safe and orderly transfer is provided to provide migrant workers with direct delivery services to employment enterprises, and follow-up services are performed to ensure that migrant workers in Guangxi return to work “Zero infection”. Various places have also prepared heart-warming travel packages such as milk, bread, and anti-epidemic supplies for migrant workers to solve the dietary problems of migrant workers. (End)