In addition to submitting tax forms, Trump also faces many legal issues

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China News Service, February 23. According to the US Overseas Chinese News Network, former US President Trump’s attempt to prevent the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from controlling his tax returns was recently rejected by the Supreme Court. . This strongly proves the fact that Trump is currently in real legal danger in many respects.

In addition to submitting tax forms, Trump also faces many legal issues


p >According to CNN, from the narrowest point of view, the court’s ruling means that Vance and his investigation into the two women accused of having an affair with Trump received a hush money on the eve of the 2016 election. The grand jury established will investigate Trump’s most cautious secret: his financial documents.

This is a blow to Trump—especially considering how hard he has worked to not release these documents (including years of tax returns) to Vance, and how people have already Know about Trump’s involvement in the hush money incident.

In the federal search warrant document published in July 2019, Trump was named for participating in the payment of the hush fee. The report at the time read: “These documents are the first time that the authorities have named Trump by name and accused him of participating in a key step in the campaign financing plan. The authorities previously referred to Trump in court documents as’Individual 1′, which instructed Michael Cohen The person who made the payment. Trump publicly denied the payment. Cohen pleaded guilty to two counts of campaign funding, and is currently serving a three-year sentence.”

Cohen before “betraying” Trump Served as his personal lawyer and behind-the-scenes planning for many years. Cohen testified under oath in Congress in February 2019 that Trump had personally instructed him to pay the hush money, and there was “no doubt” Trump knew what he was doing.

People don’t know much about Vance’s investigation-except that he is investigating the hush money, after the Supreme Court announced its decision on Trump’s tax return on the 22nd, Vance was posted on the social networking site Vaguely speaking, “the work continues.”

The Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation is far from the only legal issue in which Trump has found himself involved. He is also facing two investigations for pressured Georgia’s elected officials to overturn the state’s election results , And the Washington DC Attorney General may file charges of incitement to Trump’s influence in the Capitol riots on January 6.

Reported that the current president’s immunity from prosecution does not apply to the former president. It’s not cheap to handle all kinds of litigation. Trump does not have unlimited resources at his disposal. (In fact, his financial issues may be more pressing than legal issues.)

Of course, Trump is no stranger to protracted court battles. He often brags about his ability to use the legal system as his advantage. “Does anyone know more about litigation than Trump?” Trump said of himself in the 2016 campaign, “I am like a doctor of litigation.”

The next question is, Tron. Will Pu’s old legal strategy-delay, delay, delay, hope that the other party loses interest or run out of funds-will work for a significant number of people who oppose him. As a former president, he has greater legal goals.