Japan’s April vaccinations for people over 65 years old will be allocated according to population ratio

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China News Service, February 23. According to Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s administrative reform minister Taro Kono said on the 23rd that regarding the issue of vaccinations against the new crown for the elderly over 65 years old, Japan will initially be based on population , The vaccine will be distributed to prefectures and prefectures, and the distribution of vaccines according to the number of infected people in each region is not considered for the time being. However, he said that he intends to adjust the schedule at any time.

Japan’s April vaccinations for people over 65 years old will be allocated according to population ratio


p > According to reports, Kono Taro said: “Initially it will be allocated according to the population ratio (new crown vaccine). After that, it will be supplied according to the vaccination speed.” He also sought understanding on the policy of flexibly changing the vaccination plan according to the vaccine supply situation.

Kono stated that on the basis of uniform distribution of vaccines, it will respond to the shortage of supply in prefectures where vaccination is progressing fast.

In order to prevent infection, whether or not to give priority to the distribution of vaccines to metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture, which have a large number of newly infected new crowns, Kono said in the negative, saying that “it is currently not considered.” He pointed out the vaccination schedule: “It is not a perfect plan from the beginning,” and once again expressed his intention to adjust the schedule at any time.

According to the report, with regard to specific vaccination methods in order of age and by region, Kono stated that “for the smooth implementation, local governments will be asked to think about it” and clearly stated that they will entrust each local government.

In addition, with regard to the vaccination of persons in facilities for the elderly such as special care homes for the elderly, the Japanese government has also targeted employees under the age of 65 working in the facilities. Kono explained the reason and said: “This is In order to prevent clusters of cases in the facility.”