Jia Ling and the creative team returned to Xiangyang, Hubei to hold a fan meeting

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China News Service, Xiangyang, February 20 (Hu Chuanlin) Jia Ling, a well-known comedy actress from Xiangyang, Hubei, returned to Xiangyang, Hubei with the creative team of the film “Hello, Li Huanying” on the afternoon of the 19th, and held two fan meeting in a row .

The two fan meeting will be arranged at Ou Show International Cinema in Tianyuan Four Seasons City in Xiangyang City and China Film Xingmei International Cinema in Minfa Square. When meeting fans, Jia Ling repeatedly thanked her hometown people for their love and support.

Jia Ling and the creative team returned to Xiangyang, Hubei to hold a fan meeting

Jia Ling and the creative team are in Xiangyang Hold a fan meeting photo by Hu Chuanlin

When asked if the first time he made a movie, he won such a high box office, and would he continue to make movies in the future, Jia Ling said frankly that making the movie “Hello, Li Huanying” This feeling is the longing and guilt for the late mother. At the moment, I have no plans to make a movie anymore, and I still go the path of comedy wholeheartedly.

The movie “Hello, Li Huanying” is directed by Jia Ling, starring Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, Shen Teng, Chen He, Liu Jia and others. The film is adapted from Jia Ling’s personal experience. Up to now, the Xiangyang area alone has contributed more than 10 million yuan in the box office.

Not only is the box office booming, the filming location of Xiangyang, Hubei in the film has also become an online celebrity check-in location. On February 16th alone, Hubei Weidong Holding Group Co., Ltd., one of the filming locations, attracted more than 5,000 tourists. (End)