Kroger plans to launch an iPhone-assisted rapid detection kit for COVID-19

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Kroger plans to launch an iPhone-assisted rapid detection kit for COVID-19

The retailer’s health department plans to provide the test online and at 2,200 pharmacies and 220 clinics across the United States. AppleInsider has asked the company to provide more extensive availability details, if there are plans.

Gauss produced the first batch of 1.5 million test kits. Once the EUA is approved, retailers will immediately begin distributing them. The manufacturer claims that it can produce up to 30 million test kits per month at full capacity.

The test consists of a swab box and an iPhone app. The app provides instructions for the correct collection and processing of nasal swab samples. After putting it in the test box, after 15 minutes of waiting, the application will prompt the user to scan the mark of the test box with the iPhone camera. Then, the application will provide the test results to the user as clearly as possible. The app can also share results with public health agencies in accordance with normal HIPAA compliance rules.

The clinical trial submitted to the FDA to support the application determines that compared with the existing emergency use authorized PCR test, the test has a positive accuracy rate of 93% and a negative accuracy rate of 99%.

“Public health leaders agreed that people need on-demand, reliable, and rapid testing in their homes, and this is what our testing provides,” Gauss founder and CEO Siddarth Satish said in a statement.

Although it is relatively simple to use the iPhone to guide and read the results, this test is another way for the iPhone and apps to help fight an ongoing epidemic. The Apple-Google COVID-19 API and exposure notification system are used by medical institutions around the world to help track the spread of the virus in a large number of people.

Apple has recently begun to manage and launch the “health pass” application, which is a digital certificate for entering buildings or serving in person. Apple said on Wednesday that such apps must be created by companies with ties to the public health department before they can be submitted to the App Store.