Livelihoods and rules: lorry drivers, wandering on the edge

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On the evening of February 6, 2020, 23-year-old Cha Shasha was called through the Huolala platform Zhou Mouchun’s minivan moved from Tianyi Meiting Apartment in Changsha City to Meixi Lake Backgammon Apartment. In the meantime, Zhou Mouchun deviated from the navigation route three times. In an earlier interview, Che Shasha’s uncle told the media, “There are basically no street lights at night near Wanglong Road, Jiayuan Road, and Quyuan Road. Some sections can even be said to be invisible at night.”

Livelihoods and rules: lorry drivers, wandering on the edge

Platform recommended route and place They were far apart, and the incident happened on a small road without street lights. (Picture source: Internet)

But on the other hand, many drivers told Quan Now that because the system often recommends congested routes, driving by navigation is often not the best option, such as Fenglin 3rd Road in the recommended route. The intersection with the West Second Ring Road is near the West Bus Station, and there are often traffic jams even if the traffic is not rush hour.

During the visit, I found out that truck drivers have greater autonomy regardless of the driving route, fare, car stickers, code of conduct, and source of customers. But because of this tragedy, these autonomy will be gradually restricted.

On February 23, nearly 20 days after the incident, the Changsha High-tech Zone Public Security Bureau reported that the driver Zhou Mouchun was under criminal detention on suspicion of negligence causing death. On the morning of February 24, the Huolala platform publicly apologized, saying that the platform had obvious problems, lack of safety warnings, and imperfect product safety functions, etc., and announced further rectification plans, including mandatory recording throughout the entire process, full monitoring inside and outside the vehicle, Provide early warning for route yaw and long stay.

“He is a very honest person.” After the case attracted attention, a truck driver who knew Zhou Mouchun mentioned in the crowd of local drivers.

“Honesty” is an evaluation that almost everyone who knows Zhou Mouchun will use. According to the Electric Shock News report on February 23, Zhou Mouchun’s father said in an interview, “My son is very honest, he has not quarreled with others, has not committed a crime, he only read junior high school, and used to be a cook. He has a good temper. I still know my son.” About five years ago, Zhou Mouchun drove a 70 square meter restaurant in a community in Changsha City—this is the resettlement of farmers. Housing area. The first floor is basically used as a facade, and there are express delivery stations, takeaway restaurants, waste stations, and small shops. Zhou Mouchun worked as both a boss and a chef. The owner of the restaurant did takeaway, but did not hire a waiter.

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Recent few days There were street lights on Quyuan Road where the incident occurred, but Linyu Road, a hundred meters away, was still dark.

The landlord and his wife live on the third floor of the same unit. Their only impression of Zhou Mouchun is that they have a good temper, wherever they say they can do it. They live in the store with their wife and daughter. I have never owed more than two thousand yuan in rent a month. About 5 years ago, Zhou Mouchun bought a house, closed the restaurant, left the community, and moved to a new home two kilometers away.

Being more than ten meters apart, the boss of a nearby scrapyard occasionally greets Zhou Mouchun.

He told Quan Now that the other party is “very kind, very honest, short and chubby middle-aged.” The two don’t interact much, but after Zhou became a truck driver, he occasionally dragged scraps to sell. On his white van, there is a red sticker that reads “Use the goods to pull the goods”. The most recent time was last fall, when he dragged a cart of electronic boards, and the waste station boss gave him 50 yuan. Zhou Mouchun told him at the time that driving a truck is better than a restaurant, “it can cost hundreds of yuan a day.”

For drivers, driving a truck seems to be a good choice.

During the visit, several drivers told Quan Now that working as a truck driver in Changsha can earn about 500 yuan a day. Compared with the Didi driver, this is not a busy job. The driver Xu Wenqiang said that he works 12 hours a day. If there is no work, he waits in the parking lot near the Computer City or Building Materials City. Shan, take a break by the way-if Didi is opened, he needs to run around on the road non-stop, working at least two more hours a day.

Apart from gender, it’s hard to tell what truck drivers have in common. “The drivers have their own stories, and the background is very complicated.” Xu Wenqiang said. He once drove long-distance buses in the bus station of the county seat. When the long-distance buses of the same route changed from two to five, he felt that he could no longer continue. Go on.

As for his colleagues, there are former second-hand mobile phone shop owners who failed to start their own businesses; there are former workers who are unwilling to make four to five thousand yuan a month in the factory; and some are former Didi drivers.

In the “Professional Services” column of Huolala’s official website, it is clearly stated that there are “certified drivers who have undergone rigorous training and assessment.” However, according to many drivers, the threshold for becoming a truck driver is not high. “Walla is preparing to do it, is there anything to pay attention to? What documents do I need to apply for?” asked a driver in an exchange group of trucks drivers. “Prepare a car, a thousand deposit, a car sticker, and a membership fee,” another person replied.

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Zhou Mouchun (The source of the picture is the Weibo of Cha Shasha’s family, which has now been emptied)

As for the so-called “strict training”, a driver told Quan Now that this is done offline and will last for a period of time. Training in the afternoon. In the city’s training point, drivers need to watch a video uniformly formulated by the headquarters, including safety reminders, service standards, and precautions when taking orders.

In addition to moving house, transporting Chinese New Year goods and flowers, and sending large pet dogs to the hospital, people who cannot get Didi during peak hours will also be called Huo Lala.

The driver Li Lian told Quan Now that he had sent an oil painting painter to the car, two two-meter-long oil paintings were installed in the carriage. “I thought the painter was a fresh and refined person, but I didn’t expect him to chat all the way. I was doing training. I was stingy. At the end of the checkout, I helped move things, but he was still unwilling to add money.” According to information from the Judgment Document Network, Huo Lala had previously transported smuggled computers in Shenzhen and raw materials for drug-making in Guangzhou.

According to the data released by Huolala, as of July 2020, the company has 480,000 monthly active drivers on all platforms (China and overseas). In cities, more and more bread vans, trucks, and vans have red stickers on them. This creates the illusion that the truck driver is a full-time job like an online ride-hailing driver. But in fact, the Huolala platform is just one of the sources for drivers to make a living-they need to obtain other opportunities for soliciting goods through their circle of friends.

With the expansion of Lalla, the platform appears to be more gluttonous. The driver, Zhao Qingguo, showed Quan now a short video that he had taken-a small parking lot, full of 6 vans with pull labels attached to it, “a single order with more than 10 people grabbed it, how can it be so? Send more goods?” He asked rhetorically.

At this time, the resources in the driver circle are even more important. If a large company relocates or a large quantity of goods is delivered in a supermarket, the drivers will share the news in the peer circle and cooperate in the delivery. These small circles are often formed in the same township. For example, in the driver circle in Yuelu District, Changsha, the “Yiyang Gang” is quite famous.

Comparing the loose group of truck drivers with Didi drivers, the rules to be followed by the two are obviously not in the same order of magnitude—even though truckers claim that “charges are based on mileage and vehicle type. There are standards”, but for truck drivers, detours and fare increases; bypassing the platform to contact passengers; picking up orders that do not move and only travel. These behaviors outside the rules are very common. According to the “Road Traffic Safety Law”, trucks cannot carry passengers, and drivers need to upload photos of the cabins to the system after loading the trucks-but truck drivers always carry a pocket, box or backpack in the truck , Once there are empty-handed passengers, put the bag in the empty carriage, making the illusion that there is freight delivery.

According to the rules, freight forwarding is prepaid, and the billing method is based on the number of kilometers shown on the map, but the estimated price given by the system is often not high. For 8 kilometers from Tianyi Meiting to Meixi Lake Bubugao Apartment, Huolala’s price is 39 yuan, which will not be adjusted according to the travel time and kilometers, while the estimated price of Didi Express is 29 yuan-but trucks The driver has 40 minutes of free waiting time.

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October 2020 On the 12th, in Beijing, the staff were loading cargo on the cargo truck. (Picture source: cfp)

A single price is the same regardless of the length of kilometers, which means that drivers have a stronger incentive to detour. What’s more, “People who are not familiar with Changsha will follow the navigation, but for drivers who are familiar with Changsha, where can you follow the navigation on the traffic jam?” A Changsha driver said that on several occasions, the navigation recommended very narrow alleys for him. , The van could not pass at all, and later he seldom followed the navigation route strictly. Another driver revealed that in addition, the route planned by the platform cannot circumvent height and traffic restrictions. Failure to follow the prescribed route on the platform will not be punished or deducted points. “Just send it safely.”

The same goes for the handling fee. On the order page, passengers can purchase additional handling services. If you choose the standard price of the platform, for the minivan, it is the basic cost of 10 yuan plus the cost of a staircase of 3 yuan; if the passenger has to carry large goods of more than 20 kg, it will be 28 yuan per piece, one more layer Add 3 yuan to the floor.

And drivers generally believe that this pricing method is too low. A few days ago, Li Lian moved for a family of five, and the small van was stuffed with five full snakeskin bags, as well as fragments of small bags. On the 7th floor, he moved more than a dozen times by himself, and the customer only paid 90 yuan for the transportation fee. He tentatively asked if he could add some transportation fees, and the other party said, “I have already paid for it.”

Passengers also have a lot of ways to lower prices. “It is normal for the cargo owner to wait for two hours to load the goods. The overtime waiting fee will not be given by the cargo owner if he refuses to give it.” Zhao Qingguo said. Because the number of floors is different, the weight and size of the things are different, the transportation fee is even more difficult to be unified, but for the truck drivers, the only thing that can be determined is that the system’s transportation fee is unacceptably low. For the freight train system, it is not unacceptable for drivers to set their own prices or contact passengers through other means. Passengers can choose to “negotiate the price with the driver” on the page for increasing the transportation fee, and the page for confirming the order also says, “If additional fees such as high-speed fare/transportation fee/parking fee are incurred, additional charges will be required.”

Corresponding to this is a series of negative news about price increases.

On the “Black Cat Complaint” platform, there were 3267 complaints against Huolala, and users reported more on the issue of fare increase. In January 2020, a passenger who was planning to depart from Shenzhen Airport complained that the driver said that the place of arrival was a restricted area and that there would be traffic violations, and he needed to pay a violation deposit of 1,900 yuan to him as soon as he received the order. In May 2020, some netizens broke the news that the driver offered 5,000 yuan for a drive of less than two kilometers. Later, Huolala’s official Weibo issued a statement stating that the violating driver has been banned and refunded by the platform and cannot join the platform for life.

On the cargo pull platform, the most important check and balance criterion for drivers is behavior points.

Zhao Qingguo revealed that behavior points can be increased or decreased. According to platform regulations, violations are divided into four levels, and different levels of violations correspond to different points. Each driver has a starting point of 100 points, and different points will have different discounts or restrictions. For example, 80-100 points, the withdrawal will be received in 3 days; 60-80 points, the withdrawal will be delayed for 15 days; below 60 points will be delayed for 30 days; if it is lower, the account will be blocked. As for extra points, there is only one way to evaluate customers.

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Cargo Lala The behavior of the platform is explained separately.

Hua Lala stipulates that only 4 orders can get good reviews before they can add 1 point. Zhao Qingguo told Quan Now that customers can’t add points if they don’t give good reviews. In most cases, customers are “basically too lazy.” In the event that a customer cancels an order, 5 points will be deducted for the driver’s behavior.

Seeing that the points were repeatedly deducted, the drivers also found a way to earn points. Zhao Qingguo went to the platform to appeal, and the platform sent him a learning video. After watching it, he could add two points.

But there are also drivers who are not satisfied with this way of earning points. According to a report by “Blue Whale Finance” in July 2020, there are already black products that provide a service for truck drivers. It costs 300 yuan. You can get the full score, the rejection rate to 0, the punctuality rate to 100%, and the score to 5, you are in full score status, and you can guarantee that there is no danger of title. It only takes one night to do it. In Baidu Huolala Posting Bar, occasionally there are ad posts with scoring points-but these ads will be deleted soon.

The accidental death of Che Sasha makes it obvious to drivers that the supervision of the platform will be tightened in an all-round way.

This actually makes some drivers feel safe. Zhao Qingguo told Quan Now that the Huolala platform verifies the identity of drivers, but does not require customers. He once took an order and went to a wasteland to pull the machine after 11 o’clock in the evening, with the owner of the car following the car. Even as a male, he was afraid of “running into robbery.”

But more drivers are worried that the freedom that initially attracted them into the truck driver industry may be gradually being lost. “If I was in the car, I would feel that there is no privacy for the whole process of recording and video recording,” Li Lian said, but he admitted that the platform may gradually become Didi, which may be the inevitable direction.