Looking forward to the normalization of “sharing jobs”

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[Conggong Comic Comment] Looking forward to the normalization of “sharing jobs”

Looking forward to the normalization of “sharing jobs”

Painting/Ding Yan text/Taking Xiaobo

During the Spring Festival, in response to the “New Year’s Day in Place” initiative, Shanghai China Railway Passenger Service Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shanghai Guang Da Group “shared jobs” and arranged more than 1,200 non-returning employees to work in the company voluntarily. During this period, employees’ income increased by more than 30% compared with their original positions. In fact, during the epidemic last year, similar employment patterns appeared in many places. For example, online retail companies with a surge in demand for online shopping hire skilled workers who are suitable for sales and distribution.

“Sharing jobs” solves the “labor shortage” caused by the epidemic, which not only relieves the pressure on production and operation of enterprises, reduces the cost of human resources, but also provides suitable jobs for workers on the spot. Posts have reduced the burden of life to a certain extent. However, the normalization of “shared posts” still faces many difficulties: on the one hand, most “shared posts” only provide simple basic work; on the other hand, temporary labor relations may bring hidden dangers to labor disputes. Therefore, ensuring the healthy and orderly operation of “shared jobs” on a standardized track is the meaning of the question.

We expect that relevant departments will continue to improve and standardize laws and systems to clarify the nature of labor, applicable conditions, rights and obligations of “sharing jobs”, and effectively protect the Legal rights.