Millions of primary and middle school students in Beijing start school today, multi-school opening ceremony, learn party history, listen to party lessons

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Millions of primary and middle school students in Beijing start school today, and their mobile safes have become the school’s “new standard”

The opening ceremony of multiple schools will learn party history and listen to party lessons

Millions of primary and middle school students in Beijing start school today, multi-school opening ceremony, learn party history, listen to party lessons

On February 27, at Dongcheng Huimin Primary School, the principal and teacher welcomed the students back to school at the school gate. Students submit winter homework and receive new books to prepare for the start of school on March 1.

Photo by Beijing News reporter Li Muyi

Today, Beijing’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens officially opened. Millions of elementary and middle school students bid farewell to the winter vacation and start a new semester. The reporter learned that some schools had already organized students to register in batches.

In response to when off-campus training institutions for subjects of general concern will resume offline teaching, Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Working Committee and spokesperson for the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said that after the opening of primary and secondary schools, according to The unified arrangement of each district, subject-based off-campus training institutions can apply to the district Board of Education to resume offline training, which will resume in an orderly manner after review and approval.

Post a rice noodle sign in the temporary waiting area. Textbooks and learning tools are disinfected.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth start of school, the reporter learned that Beijing’s primary and secondary schools have already prepared campus killings in advance. , Preparations for epidemic prevention material reserves.

At the gate of the Jinyuchi campus of Beijing Eleventh Middle School, the reporter saw that the temporary waiting area has been affixed with a yellow one-meter line sign, and the temperature monitoring equipment has been debugged. Information such as body temperature and whether to wear a mask is displayed, and disinfectant wipes, masks, thermometers and other materials are also available on the table.

The disinfection of textbooks cannot be relaxed. According to Zhang Yajie, director of the Curriculum Teaching and Research Center of Beijing Shuangyushu No. 1 Primary School, there are 39 classes and 1,399 students in the school. A total of 21,185 textbooks and learning tools have been ordered. The school has organized and disinfected them in advance and placed them in the reading room to ensure that students Receive new textbooks in a safe and timely manner.

Returners to Beijing can enter the school with “one code, one certificate”

How do teachers, students and staff return to school? The reporter learned that according to regulations, teachers and students in Beijing can enter the school with the “Beijing Healthbao Green Code” when they return to school, and those who return to Beijing from low-risk areas outside Beijing can use the “Beijing Healthbao Green Code” and Negative nucleic acid test within 7 days in Beijing to prove admission to the school.

Tan Xuetao said that prior to the winter vacation, teachers, students and parents had been preached on the policy of staying in Beijing for the Spring Festival. Individual students who left Beijing due to special circumstances have mostly returned to Beijing before February 15. After returning to Beijing, we insist on daily health monitoring and provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 7 days before returning to school. Individuals who return to Beijing for less than 14 days should provide a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 3 days when returning to school, and a health monitoring certificate for 14 consecutive days. The materials were sent to the class teacher by the students in the form of screenshots or photos on their mobile phones on the evening of February 27.”

In addition, the reporter learned that Xicheng District has organized more than 26,000 faculty and staff to carry out the project on February 26. Nucleic acid testing is performed, and the testing scope includes the faculty and staff (including labor dispatch personnel) of the district’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, vocational schools, and institutions affiliated to the district education committee.

Multiple schools carried out activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The reporter learned that many school opening ceremonies will arrange party history activities, and schools invite outstanding party members and old alumni to give party lessons on the spot, infecting students with personal experience.

As a red elementary school, the Yuquan Primary School affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences will invite Li Yazhong, the grandson of Li Dazhao, one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party, to attend the spring opening ceremony and teach the teachers and students the first lesson. Beijing Eleventh Middle School invited its 76th alumni, professor and director of Beijing Film Academy Hou Keming to teach micro-party courses to teachers and students.

Dongcheng District Peixin Primary School held a new semester opening ceremony on three campuses with the theme of “welcome the party’s centuries and be a good player in the new era”. “Students in the upper grades will watch the’Karakorum Spirit’ and the “Moving China 2020 People Award Ceremony”, and the students in the lower grades will have a recitation performance. We hope that students can pay tribute to the role model and inherit the spirit in different ways.” Zhang Yan, the principal of the new elementary school, said.

In addition, the reporter learned that today, 35,000 Mentougou teachers and students, 1,200 classes are the same as the first lesson of the beginning of the school with the theme of “Learning the Party, History, Understanding, Thinking, Doing Practical Things, and Creating New Situations” to welcome the new semester. . The event was held at Beijing No. 8 Middle School Yongding Experimental School, and students from all elementary, middle and primary schools and kindergartens in Mentougou watched the live broadcast simultaneously in the class.

Mobile safe deposit boxes have become the “new standard” in schools

On the eve of school, the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission have successively issued documents on strengthening the management of primary and secondary school students’ mobile phones. Among them, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission It is clearly required that “all districts and schools shall reasonably set up necessary facilities and equipment for the unified and centralized storage of student mobile phones in schools”. The reporter learned that the facilities and equipment for the unified and centralized storage of student mobile phones have become the “new standard equipment” of Beijing’s primary and secondary schools.

In the Jinyuchi campus of Beijing No.11 Middle School, every classroom has a cell phone safe deposit box. Tan Xuetao told reporters that the school has always prohibited students from using mobile phones on campus. Students who really need to bring mobile phones should put their mobile phones in their mobile phone safe deposit boxes after entering the school, and they can be taken away by the head teacher after school. Classes are equipped with mobile phone safe deposit boxes, which have been implemented for almost two years, and the effect is good.”

The reporter noted that in order to guide students to correctly view mobile phones and use mobile phones scientifically and rationally, many schools started on the day of school. All have special activities. The No. 10 Middle School of Beijing in Fengtai District held the theme activity “I and my mobile phone individually”. The Beijing Eleventh Middle School in Dongcheng District asked students to discuss how to use mobile phones reasonably at the class meeting, and finally formed a “class mobile phone use convention.”