Mix and match of rock music and shadow play “out of the circle” “Intangible Heritage Concert on the Cloud” staged in Xi’an

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China News Service, Xi’an, February 26 (Reporter Zhang Yichen) “When rock music meets intangible cultural heritage, one is an artistic treasure that has been passed down for thousands of years, and the other is modern music that has become popular. “Xi’an “post-90s” Huang Jian sent a circle of friends to share feelings with friends.

On the 26th, the “Intangible Heritage Concert on the Cloud” hosted by the Xi’an Executive Committee of the 14th National Games and undertaken by the Xi’an Bureau of Culture and Tourism kicked off. The mix and match of ancient intangible heritage art with popular elements has attracted many young people.

The theme of this concert is “Intangible Cultural Heritage Enters Ten Thousands of Homes”, and 10 groups of inheritors of representative intangible cultural heritage music projects and pop musicians are invited to arrange together. The content of the program is presented in the way, The music style, singing, costume matching and other aspects fully incorporate intangible heritage elements, popular elements and national sports elements, presenting to the public an audio-visual feast with characteristics of the times, innovative spirit and artistic value.

Shaanxi is rich in intangible cultural resources. The total number of intangible cultural heritage projects at the provincial level has reached 600. The province has established a national, provincial, city, and county (district, city) representative list for intangible cultural heritage projects. Carry out effective protection.

Mix and match of rock music and shadow play “out of the circle” “Intangible Heritage Concert on the Cloud” staged in Xi’an

The picture shows the rock music and shadow play” The show “Shadow Play” created by “Mix and Match”. Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

In the “post-epidemic” era, “cloud entertainment” has achieved unprecedented development. Online concerts, concerts, dramas, etc. have emerged one after another. For many young audiences, watching ” “Cloud Performance” has become a normal choice.

In this concert, Tao Xun played “Early Spring”, Dongxiao recites “Mountain Living in Autumn” and other programs, combining dance, recitation and singing and other art forms to give people an immersive experience The audio-visual enjoyment of Qin Opera; the performance of “Ode to Qin Opera” and the folk music ensemble “Qupa of Qin Opera” reproduce traditional opera through innovation.

As the highlight of this concert, “Shadow Play” created a “mix and match” of rock music and shadow play, resonating singing and video, making opera and rock in the same rhythm, showing the communication of music and the innovation of style , It also made many young people clap their hands and exclaim.

“Senior” music fan Wang Xiaolei said that for a long time, original power has been the “primitive power” for the development of rock music in Xi’an. It’s refreshing.

In recent years, from “China on the Bite of the Tongue” to “Inheritor” and “Extraordinary Ingenuity”, a series of intangible cultural heritage “elements” have been spread through the Internet and have aroused heated discussion, which has also made more and more young people People began to pay attention to intangible cultural heritage.

Xi’an officials stated that intangible cultural heritage is not only a testimony of history, but also the spirit and soul of the nation. The era releases vitality. (End)